of these articles describes the Netherlands city, for the geological period sees Maastrichtium
municipality Maastricht
Flagge der Gemeinde Maastricht Wappen der Gemeinde Maastricht
(Flag of Maastricht) (coat of arms of Maastricht)
Lage der Gemeinde Maastricht in den Niederlanden
province Limburg
mayor Gerd Leers
seat of the municipality Maastricht
- country
- water
about 62 km ²
about 59km ²
about 3 km ²

- population density
(1. June 2005)

k.A. Einwohner/km ²
coordinates: 50° 50 ′ 57 " N, 5° 41 ′ 21 " O
50° 50 ′ 57 " N, 5° 41 ′ 21 " O
important traffic route a2, A79
preselection 043
postal zip codes 62xx
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Maastricht [maːˈstrɪxt] is the capital of the province Limburg. With Nijmegen the city competes for the title oldest city of the Netherlands. Maastricht lies close in the extreme southeast of the Netherlands between Belgium and Germany,both sides of the Maas. The name of the city is delivered from latin Mosae Traiectum („Maasübergang “), which decreases/goes back to the bridge, which was established under Augustus by the Romans.

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partnerships between cities of 6 sons


daughters of the city 7 Web on the left of [work on] history established at the rule time emperor Augustus. Later, in the 3. Century, the address developed with a Castellum. The assaults by Teuton trunks were probably also the reason, which induced the bishop von Tongern , Servatius, to it, to shift its bishop seat after Maastricht. There, in the security of the fortifizierten Castellums, he created a Christian community.

The Christian Diözese lost the city in 8. Century to the nearby city Lüttich. Maastricht developed in the Middle Ages to a city under double rule, which the bishop von Lüttich and the duke of Brabant divided, that the city 1202 toLehen got. The rights of both were specified in the Alde Caerte.

In 13. Century was built the sink Servatius bridge, which was the northernmost transition at that time over the Maas. The bridge is still present, however 1932 was widened, and 1940 and 1945 with fights in the Second World War strongly damage.

The role of the dukes of the Netherlands general states was taken over of 1632, after Friedrich Heinrich had removed the city from the Spaniards. The duality remained, until conquest and Annexion by the Frenchmen 1794 an end for this condition set.

After the assumption the fortress Maastricht at expense of the general states was modernized. Under line of the building master Dumoulin the line in such a way specified of Dumoulin developed.

1673 died the Musketier D'Artagnan before the Stadtmauer in thatProximity of the town-gate Tongersepoort. In the year 2003 here a monument was established. A part of the city (the Jekerquartier) was completely destroyed in the course of the income by the Frenchmen and had again to be built. Around this in the futureto prevent, 1701/1702 the away Sint Pieter on the Sint Pietersberg were built.

View over the Maas of the old part of town

after the Napoleoni time became Maastricht in the year 1815 part of the united kingdom of the Netherlands. As itself 1830 the southern provinces of the country independently of the north explained and the State of Belgium created, held the garrison in Maastricht loyal to the Netherlands king William I. and 1839 with the eastern part of the duchy became Limburg despite the proximity tooBelgium finally Netherlands. Because of its peripheral location within the today's Netherlands and is however rather aligned to Belgium and Germany Maastricht was as on the remainder of the Netherlands, which lends a a little Netherlands working character to the city. Also the 1976 gegründetete University of Maastricht gives itself stresses international profile and has in some courses of studies to more than half foreign - mostly Germans - students.

1992 became in the “Gouvernement”, the seat the Provinzialregierung of Limburg, which signs contract of Maastricht,to the establishment of the European union led. The present Treaty came into force in November 1993.


Boschstraat with Minckeleersstatue, Maastricht

in Maastricht takes place annually the international art fair The European Fine kind fair .


Maastricht is connected by railway connections with Eindhoven and Venlo by seat pool of broadcasting corporations and Roermond as well as with Lüttich (Belgium); over Heerlen also with Aachen. In addition a Buslinie operates between the main stations of Maastricht and Aachen.

The a2 connectMaastricht with Amsterdam and Lüttich, A 79 with Heerlen and far over A 76/ A 4 (D) with Aachen. In Maastricht the autoroute you catches Soleil on (direction Belgium).

About 10 kilometers north of theCity centre is the international airport Maastricht Aachen air haven.

objects of interest

  • Bonnefantenmuseum
  • city hall
  • Vrijthof (cemetery place) with the sink Servatius cathedral (Sint Servaaskerk) and the sink Johannis church
  • dear woman place also - church (Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk, in the Roman style))
  • Servatiusbrücke
  • Jekerquartier
  • Bonbonnière(old city theatre)
  • Generaalshuis (new city theatre)
  • line of Dumoulin
  • cheese mats
  • Dinghuis (medieval law courts)
  • Helpoort (medieval town-gate) with Stadtmauer
  • Grotten at the Sint Pietersberg and CAN hereditary suppl.:
South the Sint Pietersberg with the away Sint Pieter is appropriate for the city (built 1701 - 1702)and the Grotten of Sint Pieter also over 20.000 courses. In the caves a constant temperature of 10 prevails °C and it is wintering places for bats. For certain times guidance are offered, in the high summer also in German language.
Withneighbouring CAN hereditary suppl. there are likewise more than 10 km a long Höhlensystem. Until into the 1960er years worked Jesuitenmönche in the spare time in some the courses and numerous works of art at the limestone walls left. Led inspections are possible.
SmallerPart the Höhlensystems serves the neighbouring Chateau Neercanne as wine cellar, a larger accommodated from 1954 to 1992 NATO - mechanism JOC Maastricht. Here headquarters for an emergency of headquarters Moenchengladbach was accommodated.
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