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Região Administrativa Especial de Macau there RepúblicaPopular there China

special administrative zone Macao of the People's Republic of China
Flagge Macaos Wappen Macaos
(detail) (detail)
office languages Portuguese, Chinese (Cantonese and high-Chinese spoken)
Chief Executive Edmund Ho strike wah
surface 25.4 km ²
number of inhabitants 482,000 (conditions 2005)
population density 18,976 per km ²
Religion predominantly catholics and Buddhisten
currency Pataca
national holiday 1. October establishment day People's Republic of China
20. December day of the delivery to the VR China
time belt UTC +8
Internet TLD .mo
Int. Preselection +853
Macao Sonderverwaltungszone der Volksrepublik China

Macao (chin. 澳门/澳門, Àomén; Portuguese: Macau) is a former Portuguese colony lain in close proximity to Hong Kong. In the year 1999 it was integrated as the second special administrative zone into the People's Republic of China.

Macao is rich at objects of interest from the colonial age. Main sources of income are the tourism (8 millions Visitorin the year 2000) and gambling, why Macao the Monte Carlo of the east is called, particularly since with the Macao Grand Prix also running on a road course one delivers. There gambling contrary to neighbouring Hong Kong in Macao, gives it is legal from there one moves shuttle traffic.Macao is also the name (actually from Hungary coming) of a gambling.

For Macao the production of fire works and textiles is economically important.

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] geography with
coordinates: 22° 10 ' 39 " N, 113° 34 ' 2 " O
22° 10 ' 39 " N, 113° 34 ' 2 " O in the muzzle delta of the Perl river. ThatArea of the today's special administrative zone originally consisted of 3 islands. By land fills the islands Taipa and Coloane are with one another and Macao with the mainland connected.


the Chinese recordings over Macao hand back in the year 1152 asDistrict Xiangshan, whereby Macao is as uninhabited registered.1277 fled members of the southern Sung dynasty with approximately 50,000 trailers before the Mongols after Macao, this is the first recording over inhabitant, the refugees could in Macao settle and the islandsdefend.

As the Portuguese 1516 in Macao landed was it not much more than one Fischer settlement at the delta of the Perl river. 1557 permitted the Chinese to the Portuguese the establishment of a settlement, the sovereignty remained however with China, only a local PortugueseAdministration was furnished. The Portuguese used Macao as commercial posts and intermediate stop on the way from Lisbon to Nagasaki.

When China 1547 forbade the direct trade with Japan, the trade over Macao kept running. The Portuguese built the location toPort and finally for the center of their operational readiness level in Asia out. From Macao a governor, who was responsible for the entire asiatic areas also, prevailed to the viceroy of India in Goa was however formally subordinate. The first Portuguese governor became 1680begun, however further under Chinese sovereignty, the Portuguese paid lease and taxes at China.

In the year 1835 becomes the Pauluskirche, which destroys landmarks of the city, with a Taifun. Since then only the front stands and can be visited this very day.

When the port business moves away ever more at the large neighbour Hong Kong, 1847 in Macao gambling are legalisiert. Since also in Hong Kong only horse bets are permitted and the Chinese are considered generally to gambling as very added, the casino income places since that timea majority of the gross domestic product.

1849 tried for the first time to win the Portuguese the complete force over Macao and explained Macaos “independence” from China. The Chinese did not bear this, it gave smaller engagements, the high point of unrests were death of theGovernor Ferreira DO Amaral.

Historical map (around 1888)

to 26. March 1887 recognized the Mandschu government the Portuguese right to durable occupation on.

During 2. World war was Macao neutral port to the Japanese 1943 a protectorate over Macao established,the Japanese rule lasted until 1945.

After the revolution 1949 the Chinese government Macao reclaimed first, could however not succeed, the solution on indefinite time was postponed. 1966 came it to per-communist unrests into Macao. The Portuguesetried afterwards to return Macao at China this by the Chinese government was rejected, like also a further diplomatic raid of Portugal after the Portuguese revolution 1974. The Chinese government wanted to solve the Hong Kong problem first.

After the admission of official diplomatic relationsbetween Portugal and China in the year 1979 1985 had taken up the return negotiations, one year after the British government of the return of Hong Kong for the year 1997 had agreed. The negotiations led 1987 to success.

To 20. December 1999 gave Portugal thoseSovereignty back at China. The official name Macaos is since the power delivery:Special administrative zone Macao of the People's Republic of China (Chinese : 中華人民共和國澳門特別行政區 [Tondokument ? / License Tondokument ? / License]; Portuguese: Região Administrativa Especial de Macau there RepúblicaPopular there China [Tondokument ? / License]). As also in Hong Kong the principle applies in Macao: “A country, two systems “. The socialist economic system of China is not used in Macao, Macao enjoys autonomy, with exception of the defense andForeign policy, this is determined of Peking.

In recent time Macao develops ever more to read Vegas Asia. Since at the end of of 2002 the gambling monopoly is fallen, primarily out read Vegas well-known consortia applied for the license to the building of casinos.

In May 2004 “read Vegas of sand opened, Inc.” with a golden front the provided of “sand Macau”. The same consortium builds the “Venetian Macau Resort hotel casino” up to the year 2006.

administrative arrangement

political arrangesitself the area into two cities:

  • Concelho de Macau (澳門市, 421,662 inhabitants)
  • Concelho the Ilhas (海島市, 61,128 inhabitants)

the Concelho de Macau is divided into 5 municipality districts:

  • Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima (花地瑪堂區)
  • Freguesia de Santo Antonio (聖安多尼堂區)
  • Freguesia de São Lazaro (望德堂區)
  • Freguesia de São Lourenco (風順堂區 or 聖老愣佐堂區)
  • Freguesia there SE (大堂區)

the Concelho the Ilhas is divided into two municipality districts:

  • Freguesia there Nossa Senhora DO Carmo (嘉模堂區) on the island Taipa
  • Freguesia DO São FranciscoXavier (聖方濟各堂區) on the island Coloane

the new ground area Cotai lain between the islands Taipa and Coloane is not assigned to a municipality district.

The independent administrations of the cities and municipality districts became to 31. December 2001 dissolved. To its place the Instituto stepped paraOS Assuntos Cívicos e Municipais (administration of the bürgerschaftlichen and urban affairs).


the peninsula Macao and the island Taipa are connected by three bridges, the newest bridge (Sai Van Bridge; in the west) is since at the beginning of 2005 fortraffic approved. Only by this new and higher bridge the island Taipa is attainable also with Taifun warning with the car, the two older bridges (Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge and Ponte there Amizade; since 1994; in the east) are not protected against wind and waves sufficiently.

One reaches Macao with the regularly operating high-speed ferries from Hong Kong. The passage lasts approx. 60 minutes.

Since 1995 Macao has its own international airport (Macau internationally air haven).

At present runs planning fora seem-based suburban traffic system (underground and aboveground), that of 3 lines to consist is (circle line, north south line for connection to the islands and a line to the airport) and 27 km overall length would exhibit. The 2005 in enterprise taken new third bridge between Macaoand Taipa is already appropriate for the Schienenverbindung. Commencement of construction should be 2006, start of the first connection in the year 2009.


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The citizens Macaos do not agree with the fact that Portugal returned them at China. They would have much rather seen it, if Portugal dismisses them into the sovereignty had. Because contrary to the culture in Hong Kong is of Macao less Chinese. Most Macanesen is catholic and speaks Macaista. Macaista is a Kreolsprache, which developed from Cantonese and Portuguese. Macaista becomes also Macaista Chapado (“pure Macanesisch”), Papia Cristam di Macau (Christian languageMacaos) or Dóci Língu di Macau (the sweet language Macaos) mentioned. Although Macaista under Macanesen is everyday life language, it does not have the status of an office language.

Since then Macao was attached at China, strengthened with Hong Kong is acted. Most imported goods comefrom Hong Kong, since Macao is a so small city that she does not have a place for manufacturing plants. That has the consequence that the Macanesen believes that Hong Kong Macao with its culture could inundate and destroy these could. Above all the Cantonesethereby again greater importance wins.

Typical road scene in Macao

racing course

since 1954 takes place annually in November on the city course “Guia” the Macao Grand Prix , which consists of different running for motorcycles, route cars and Monoposti.

The distance processby house ravines resembles the racing course in Monaco, is however with 6,115 meters clearly longer and has besides fast straight lines. While also in another place still city courses will drive on (for instance in the French Pau, in Surfers Paradise/gold Coast in Australiaand in Long Beach (California) in the USA), then exhibits Macao the characteristic to deliver on one weekend motorcycle running and motorrace in various classes. These take place other place one for decades separately.

By the tightness of the distance, reciprocally flanks by guard rails,it is particularly dangerous for Motorradfahrer. Thus 2005 the Frenchman Bruno Bonhuil had an accident deadly. Similarly as with the tourist Trophy on the Isle OF one outweighs the fascination of the fastidious racing course with the two-wheeler drivers in relation to security doubts.

In the year 2005 was the Guia Race for route car the season conclusion of the Tourenwagen WM WTCC. Besides becomes in the actual Macao GP - running prestigious world final for formula the 3 delivered, with which the best pilots from the different national F3-Meisterschaften measure. Also Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, David Coulthard and other one registered themselves here into the winner list.

A winding distance section is called Solitude Esses ", after which former racing course with Stuttgart, on which once also F1-Rennen and motorcycle WM runs took place on the same weekend.


Macao has two universities:

in addition is also internationally Institut for software Technology of the United nation University in Macao.

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Macau Tower bei Nacht
Ruinen von Sao Paulo
Paulo front ruin of the Pauluskirche

the historical old part of town of Macao took up objects of interest Macau Tower in the year 2005 to the list of the world inheritance.

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