Machiel Evert Nordeloos

Machiel Evert Noordeloos, Rufname Chiel, is an important Netherlands Mykologe. It was born to 16. April 1949 into the Hague.

After its study in suffering, he received an employment at the there Rijksherbarium, where he also attained a doctorate. The subject of its graduation work was systematics and spreading of the Rötlinge (Entoloma, nl: Satijnzwammen) in Europe. Of 1978 - 1991 were active as directors/conductors of the mykologischen department of office for plant protection in Wageningen. 1991 it returned to suffering, in order to investigate further systematics of the mushrooms, under it among other things Monografien of the mushroom kinds Milchlinge (Lactarius) and Scheinhelmlinge (Hemimycena).


some the most important publications are:

  • Noordeloos, M.E.: Entoloma (Agaricales) in Europe. Beih. New facts Hewigia 91. J. Cramer. 1987. Berlin Stuttgart.
  • Noordeloos, M.E.: Regulation key to the kinds of the kind Entoloma (Rötlinge) in Europe. IHW publishing house. Eching. 1994.
  • Publisher: M.E. Noordeloos, C. Bas et al.: Flora agaricina neerlandica, (carriage return character) press, Florida, the USA. 1998-2005. Meanwhile five volumes (conditions 2005).

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Noordel. is the official botanische abbreviation of Machiel Evert Nordeloos.
Author contraction of Botanikern and Mykologen


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