Larva line Albright

larva line K. Albright, born Marie Jana Korbel and/or. Marie Jana Korbelová (* 15. May 1937 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, today: Tschechien) is an US-American politician and a former Foreign Minister of the USA.

Larva line Albright
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its father, Josef Korbel, was Czechoslovakian diplomat, late politics policy at the University of Denver in the USA. Before the invasion of the Nazis the family fled 1939 to London/England and turned after the war again to Pragueback. 1948, after the communist coup d'etat, went the family Korbel again into the exile, this time however into the USA, whose Staatsbürgerin became Albright 1957. Larva line Albright studied political sciences at the Wellesley college and on the right of and political sciences to the Columbia University, where it 1976 attained a doctorate. Their Jewish descent wants to have noticed it only in the USA consciously, how it communicated to reporters. Only in the year 1996 Albright experienced that their grandparents in Auschwitz had been murdered.

For the 70'sit is engaged in the policy of the democratic party, from 1978 - 1981 were it member of the US-American national security council and starting from 1993 US ambassador at the UN. To 23. January 1997 became Albright as 64. Minister of foreign affairs of the USA swears in.It kept this post up to the end of the term of office president Clintons 2001.

Larva line Albright was a first Foreign Minister and up to this time the most powerful woman in the history of the USA.

Larva line Korbel Albright was from 1959 to 1983married with the journalist Joseph Medill Patterson Albright and has three daughters. She speaks French and Czech apart from English also perfectly, besides she can inform herself also well on Russian and Polish. After its resignation Albright has the line of oneConsulting firm transferred to Washington. Their task in this company is the political counselling.

Larva line Albright is member of the board” national of the Democratic of institutes for internationally Affairs “with head office in Washington. The NDI accompanies “democratic development programs” in dozens of states world-wide.


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