Madrider of course notices

the course notices in the Spanish capital Madrid were a series of ten bomb explosions at the 11, released by Islamic terrorists. March 2004. To data of the Spanish ministry of the Interior 191 humans, under it an unborn child, died, about 1,500 were hurt. Thus this placesEvent after the notice on the Pan to machine over the Scottish Lockerbie (1988) in the history of the European union (European Union) the notice of terror with most victims.

At the 3. April 2004 blew up itself the presumed ringleader Serhane Ben Abdelmajid as well as six accompliceswith a raid in a suburb of Madrid into air. A policeman was killed, hurt 15. The notices were considered to at the end of of April 2004 as almost enlightened up. Also the suspect Jamal Ahmidan could be identified among the dead terrorists.

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expiration of the notices

Number of the victims

after nationality

Spain 140
Romania 16
Ecuador 6
Poland 4
Peru 4
Bulgaria 4
Morocco 3
Colombia 2
of Honduras 2
Dominican Republic of 2
Ukraine 2
Brazil 1
Chile 1
Cuba 1
the Philippines 1
Guinea-Bissau 1
France 1

the explosions clock and 7:42 clock local time occurred between 7:39.

Ten explosive devicesexploded in closely occupied Vorortzügen of the Cercanías Madrid. Three further bombs should detonate retarded, probably, in order to hurt the task forces coming to assistance. The explosive devices were controlled blown up later, one of it was to have had Kraft, that to Rushhourzeiten strongly frequented Madrider main station To destroy Atocha completely. A suspicious car, which was parked before the station, was likewise controlled blown up. How admits later became, a brown backpack with a further explosive device, that was probably by a mobile telephone ignited under the suit-cases and bags stored in a police stationwill should. The investigators became attentive by ringing the mobile telephone to the backpack and could defuse the explosive device.

Two of the four courses did not explode in the station Atocha (see below). One of the courses would have arrived regularly at the time of the detonation in the station, ithowever delay had and exploded on the track field about 500 meters before the platforms.

The notices occurred three days before the Spanish parliamentary elections 2004. In Spain therefore the safety precautions had been already increased.

places of the explosions

filters of the ten explosionsoccurred in the station Atocha. This is the central station of the Spanish capital for the main line trains from the south of the country as well as for regional courses and the most important knot in the Cercanías - net. It was converted 1992.

With the stations Santa Eugenia (an explosion) and ElPozo del Tío Raimundo (two explosions) concerns it two rapid-transit railway stations in worker quarters in the southeast of the city.

the search for the authors

the ETA in the political hair cross of the government Aznar

already short time after the first messages overthe explosions speculated upon the authors, whom Spanish government designated the ETA as the first suspects, the resolution of the UN security council called on urge of the Spanish government likewise the ETA as authors. This thesis was fed in particular by the Spanish government, there a notice more radically more IslamicGroupings renewed criticism at the Spanish Iraq employment to produce would know. Three days after the notice were parliamentary elections in Spain, so that the picture of the ETA notice should remain at least so long in the public.

On the other hand the notice resembles the sample of ETA activities in the recent past: At the Christmas eve 2003 were defeated a notice on the station Chamartín in Madrid, and to 29. February 2004 was arrested a ETA command, which carried a half ton explosive in a truck, on the way to Madrid. Besides report several European secret services agreeing that the ETA their paceto change wants. This should explain those the ETA strange handwriting of the notice.

In the past the ETA had already several times committed assassination attempts before elections in Spain. Far are reported it from secret service circles on the day of the parliamentary election that also a co-operation of aluminium-Qaida and a radical cell that,ETA not to be excluded can (see [1] and [2]).

the aluminium-Qaida comes into suspicion

first doubts about the representation became loud and it came to demonstrations against the government (see chapters reactions and consequences). The chairman of the forbidden ETA close party Herri Batasuna announced itself to word. It denied the responsibility of its grouping and accused of instead Islamic groups of the assassination attempts.

The Londoner newspaper aluminium-Quds aluminium-arabi reported in the evening of the 11. March, it lies a presumed claim of responsibility of the Abu Hafs El Masri brigades (subsidiary organization of the aluminium-Qaida) in form of a E-Mailforwards. In the letter Spain is called as one of the most important members of the “alliance in the war against the Islam “. For this reason aluminium-Qaida slammed shut now in Madrid. According to data of US-American secret service experts Abu Hafs El Masri has itself in the past to actsadmits, which were not implemented by it, so for instance with the wide power failures in the region New York. The organization is classified as group of free riders.

In the same evening the Spanish Minister of the Interior Angel Acebes communicated on a press conference that to 28. Februarystolen delivery van with 8 blasting caps and a tape with Arab Koranversen east of Madrid, in Alcalá de Henares was found. It is not excluded however that ETA trailers would have left aimed arabischsprachiges material, in order to deceive the investigators.

To 12. March announces itself around 18Clock a person in the name of the ETA during the left-wing oriented baskischen daily paper Gara and disclaims the participation of the ETA in the notices. Short time announces itself later allegedly the same caller to the baskischen television station ETB. Both are media, in those itself the ETA already in former timesto acts of terrorism admits has.

The Spanish intelligence service „el center Nacional de Inteligencia “believes itself to be safe meanwhile that the act was committed by Islamic terrorists.

In the evening 13. March announced the Spanish Minister of the Interior Angel Acebes the arrest of five men, to three Maroccans and two Indian. The arrests are to stand in connection with the mobile telephone, which was found with one of the explosive devices not exploded. Two further suspicious ones are still cross-examined.

the search concretizes itself

at the night to 14. March was found a video tape recording,on that the alleged military speaker aluminium-Qaidas communicates that aluminium-Qaida behind the notices puts. The authenticity of the volume was examined and confirmed later.

To 14. March 2004 communicated the Minister of the Interior Angel Acebes that one of the arrested Maroccans with the notices of the 11. September 2001 inin connection one brings to the USA. The man identified as Jamal Zougam is one of the 35 suspecting, against which the Spanish determination judge Baltasar Garzón had raised past year accusation.

To 17. March 2004 further details became the circle of acquaintances admit, for which one searches. ThoseSpanish police looks for at least 20 Maroccans, who on behalf of Islamic combat team of Morocco (GICM) to an radical-Islamic organization is to belong. The GICM was created 1993 under another name by veterans of the Afghanistan war in Pakistan and by the terror network El Kaida is financed.

To 21. March became admits,that the explosive probably originated from a asturischen mine.

Toward at the end of March led a trace to Germany. One of the arrested Maroccans lived for many years legally in Germany, it however of the authorities as extremistic was estimated.

deadly raid in Leganés

in the evening of the 3. April comes it in the Madrider suburb Leganés to a shooting with the presumed authors of the assassination attempts. When the Spanish police the dwelling, in which the terrorists are, wants to storm against 21 o'clock, blows up themselves sieves the searches into air. Of the killingcan only four be identified, which knew names of three dead ones so far are not determined. A Spanish policeman dies thereby, eleven further is hurt.

The blood act of the 11. March is considered now as almost enlightened up. Aluminium-Qaida threatens Spain in the meantime with further terrorist attacks.

Work on []

Spain in Spain

the 11

called reactions and consequences [work on]. March a three-day-long state mourning out. The leading candidate of the conservative people's party Partido popular, Mariano Rajoy, explained the election campaign of its party for terminated in the Radiosender Onda Cero, all other partiesfollowed the example. The UEFA contradicted against it the request of three Spanish soccer associations, their plays for the UEFA Cup in the evening of the 11. To shift March.

demonstrations to the memory of the victims

Numbers of participants
(“we do not forget you”)
Madrid 2,290,000
Barcelona 1,500000
Bilbao 300,000
Valencia 400,000
Santiago de Compostela 100,000
Sevilla 700,000
Saragossa 400,000
Vigo 400,000
Oviedo 350,000
Cádiz 350,000
Murcia 300,000
Granada 250,000
Logroño 100,000
Jaén 120,000
Santander 85,000
Orense 65,000
Lugo 40,000
source: El Mundo
Demonstration am Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona am 12. März 2004
demonstration at the Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona to 12. March 2004

to 12. March participated in completely Spain over 11 million humans in the demonstrations against the terrorist attacks and to the memory of the victims. The demonstrations stood country-wideunder the slogan Con read víctimas, con la Constitución, por la derrota del terrorismo (too German: With the victims, with the condition and for a defeat of the terrorism). However in Madrid thereby 2.290.000 humans met. For the first time in history Felipe took with Crown Princealso a member of the royal family at a protest course part. It becomes estimated that more than one quarter of the total population of Spain on the roads was.

demonstration against the information politics of the government party

some days after the notice and the following elections tookthe number of reproaches against the Spanish government under Aznar too, one obviously tried with all means to make the ETA responsible for the terrorist attacks. Thus German security authorities were supplied intentionally with wrong information about the used explosive. Besides there were instructions for government to the SpanishAmbassador to zerstreuen each kind of doubt about a ETA complicity.

To 13. March 2004, which previous evening to the Spanish parliamentary elections 2004 had themselves around 18:00 clock over thousand demonstrators before the center of the Partido popular met, over after the notices of the government clearing-up toodemand to criticize as well as these for their participation to Iraq war. The demonstrators continued the protests also after the publication of five arrests. Later the leading candidate of the PP Mariano Rajoy stepped before the press and did not call the not approved demonstration anti-democratically and uniquely in thatHistory of Spain. He accused the demonstrators to want to affect the choice.

PSOE does not win the parliamentary elections

the notice scarcely before the choice and the doubtful information politics of the old government missed its effect. All prognoses before the choice placing on the headthe socialists PSOE won the Spanish parliamentary elections to 14. March 2004. Up to this time the Partido popular governing with absolute majority lost clearly in relation to the elections in the year 2000. The election turnout was attached with 77 per cent and thus 8 per cent points over the participationthe last elections.

See also: 2004 [work on

] Europe and

the United Nations after

becoming known the notices the European parliament its plenary session interrupted Spanish parliamentary elections to one being silent minute. The president and Irish European delegate Pat Cox called the Spanish population in addition, thoseTo use elections on Sunday to an answer against the terrorism.
to the choice: Spanish parliamentary elections 2004

in Germany Federal President Johannes Rau condoled. President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Thierse expressed his frightening in the name of the federal daily over the notices. Also Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer pressed his frightening andits solidarity out. Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder offered German support in a telephone call with the Spanish Prime Minister with the search for the authors.

On Sunday, the 14. March 2004 called up Federal Chancellor Schröder the safety cabinet into a special meeting, the necessity into this would arise outthe evaluation of the situation changed by the arrests. On the same day Federal Minister of the Interior Otto Schily called the Federal citizens in addition, to 15. To express March at 12 o'clock by a dreiminütiges silence their solidarity with the victims and their member.

In the evening of the 11.March condemned the security council of the United Nations the notices and called it “threat of the peace and security”. The appropriate resolution 1530 was unanimously accepted. However on express desire of Spanish diplomats the ETA was called as an author.

The president of the advice of the European ones Union Bertie Ahern called the member states of the European union to think of with being silent minutes the victims of the Madrider of notices. Thus the victims should be honoured and solidarity with the Spanish population be demonstrated. The three being silent minutes became on Monday, the 15. March at 12.00 o'clock accomplished.

memories 2006

in Spain and in the remainder of the world meant one the victims with ceremonies, prayers and being silent minutes. In the Retiro park in the Spanish capital an Algerian girl laid down and a Spanish boy in the “forest of the memory” a wreath/ring. There were foreveryone of the 191 Totem symbolically a Zypresse or a Olivenbaum planted.

2006 took part far less humans in the commemoration ceremonies than in the first anniversary of the notices. In the morning also a delegation from Morocco, from where most of the presumed assassins come, at the Madrider hadStation Atocha candles ignited, flowers laid down and their solidarity with victims and members explains.

Further commemoration ceremonies of groups of victims took place in the course of the daily at the suburb stations El Pozo and Santa Eugenia. Already on Friday the donation for victims of the terrorism had a concert of theLondon Philharmonic Orchestra in Madrid organizes. There became also the victims of the Londoner of terrorist attacks of 7. July 2005 meant.

further determinations

the responsible judge Juan del Olmo stands in March 2006 briefly before the conclusion of his preliminary investigations. According to data from law circles become30 to 40 of the 116 suspects before court to be accused, among them three of the presumed act-taken part. (afp v. to 11.03.06)

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