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Mae west (* 17. August 1893 in Brooklyn, New York; † 22. November 1980 in Hollywood; actually Mary Jane west) was an American film actress and film script authoress, those particularly in the Hollywood of the 30'samong bestbezahlten filming acre ranked. As epitome of the Femme fatal it broke some to date valid sexual taboos, by proclaiming vocationally as also privately the liberty of the love and equality of the sexes. From 1911 to 1942 it was allegedwith the Varietékünstler and jazz musician Frank Wallace marries, which however always denied it.

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Mae west became as a daughter of a Boxers and an actress in the new one Yorker urban district Brooklyn born. Already early it inspired for the theatre and became with its self-confident occurrence on the Varietébühnen bends Apple fast the star. As Jane west wrote it in the 20's numerous, usually disputed Broadway- Pieces of stage, under it Sex (1926), which gave it because of “Obszönität on the stage” a stay of several days in the prison. Early it used itself also for the rights of homosexual ones , among other things in its second piece of stage of dragees, that because of explicit contentsby Broadway one banished and in new jersey to be specified had.

Mae west was famous for its loose mouth work. From it numerous quotations are well-known, which had a nearly proverbial character in the 30's: „Credit it your pistol in thatOr you are pleased trouser pocket only to see me? “

Your career these scandals did not harm however and the west gave 1932 in mature age of 40 years their canvas debut in Hollywood. Equal their first film Night after Night becameHit in the American cinemas. 1933 the strips you followed did to him wrongly, an adaptation of its successful piece of stage dia. moon Lil from the year 1928, and I am not an angel. In both films, which to a trueTriumph course for the west, played Cary Grant, which the charismatische Blondine auserkoren personally has, at their side became. Successes of these films protected its production company Paramount the financial ruin and the assumption by the competitor MGM.A further film hit for Mae west became then the beautiful one of the nineties (1934).

Straight because their films were large public successes and Mae west in the middle of the 30's was promoted, became to the bestbezahlten Darstellerin of the dream factory American custom guards on it attentively. Ita proper Hetzkampgne followed against the Sex symbol. In the prüden America applied the west as a danger for the moral and it for the boycott of its films one called.

In order not to become a victim of the censorship, turned Mae west starting from 1936somewhat more harmless strips. Legendarily thereby above all their role is in my small Gockel (1940), in that it as nearly 50jährige a dear-mad dte rodent at the side of W.C. Fields played.

After the film The Heat's on turned it 1943Hollywood the back and went again increased on Broadway into action. In read Vegas got Mae west in the 50's then its own Bühnenshow. Appearances in American television broadcasts, the publication of their memoirs with the ambiguous title followed Goodness Had emergency-hung tons of DO With It (1958) and its own Rock'n'Roll - album with Coverversionen of the Beatles and Elvis Presley.

After nearly 30jähriger absence of the Filmbranche was Mae west in the 70's again in the films Myra Breckinridge and Sextett to admire, in those it genüsslich parodierte itself.


  • 1932 Night after Night
  • 1933 you did to him wrongly (Orig.: She Done Him Wrong)
  • 1933 I is not an angel (Orig.: I'm NO fishing rod)
  • 1934 the beautiful one of the nineties (Orig.: Bark OF the Nineties)
  • 1935 Goin' tons of Town
  • 1936 Klondike Annie
  • 1936 on into the west (Orig.: Go west Young one)
  • 1937 Every Day's A Holiday
  • 1940 my small Gockel (Orig.: My Little Chickadee)
  • For 1943 The Heat's on
  • 1970 Myra Breckinridge
  • 1978 Sextette


of the famous painter and sculptor Salvador Dalí developed 1934 - 35 the picture El rostro de Mae west que puede more ser usado como un apartamento (facethe Mae west as dwelling to be used knows), as well as further paintings than tribute on Mae the west.1938 sketched Dalí a Mae west sofa, whose form should represent the lips of Mae west. The moreover is since 1974 inDalí Theatre museum in Figueres a Mae west hall, in which Dalí, inspired by Òscar Tusquets, copied its painting three-dimensional.


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