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Magadha was an northeastIndian kingdom 6. and 5. pre-Christian century.

It covered in approximatelythe area of the today's Indian Federal State Bihar with the capital Rajagriha (later: Pataliputra, the today's Patna). From the kingdom Magadha unfolded in the 3. Jh. v. Chr. the realm of the Maurya - dynasty, which largest from history well-knownIndian realm. Its most outstanding ruler was emperor Ashoka, under whom Magadha experienced not only its largest expansion, but also a cultural bloom.

Magadha is besides the origin area of the Buddhismus. In it also the antique buddhistischen centers lie, how Bodh Gaya and Nalanda, from which from itself the new religion expanded after the third buddhistischen council on other parts of India.

In former times one assumed that in Magadha spoken the language, the Magadhi, with the Pali of the buddhistischen canon identicallyis. This acceptance is considered today however as disproved.


  • Bimbisara (approx. 540 - 490 v. Chr.)
  • Ajatasattu
  • Udaya (or Udayin)
  • nine Nanda - kings (approx. 424-321 v. Chr.)

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