of the Magister (v. lat.: more magister = teachers) than academic degree after an final higher education one lends.

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in Germany is the Magister an equivalent alternative to the diploma and to the first state examination; it represents however no occupation-qualifying, but an occupation-enabling conclusion, in the sense that it not on a certain occupation, but on extensive variety more vocationallyActivities prepares.

The Magisterstudium becomes special at a philological faculty and/or. Philosophical faculty or appropriate specialist areas of scientific universities offered. In contrast to the diploma study the Magisterstudium is characterised by a broader scientific orientation. Here, and that is the special, can the studying the compilation thatFan from the offer of a university and/or. scientific university to a large extent determine. The Magisterstudium opens the possibility of the combination artistic fan z. B. with languages and historicalscientific technical as well as subjects of other faculties than further speciality and/or. as Nebenfächern. A substantial condition is that thatfirst speciality, in which also the Magisterarbeit is written, at the philosophical faculty and/or. the appropriate specialist area to be provided is. Thus the possibility for the occupation with a broad scientific spectrum is given the student and own interests can be carried out to a large extent.

The students occupy eitherone speciality and two Nebenfächer, z. B.Kunstpädagogik with educating science and psychology, or two specialities, e.g. Science of history and Germanistik or Skandinavistik and political science. The overall study expenditure is essentially identical with all combination options. While with the Nebenfachstudium the special attention is on the acquisition of fundamental knowledge,with the speciality study apart from the bases importance is attached to the occupation with special ranges of topics.

The Magisterstudium prepares for no certain occupation . The students have however by the choice the fan the possibility, on an operational area desired to in addition-work. Apart from an activity in the university nature as well as inan employment is possible for the culture in publishing house - and library natures, in the leisure and medium range as well as the adult and further training. Also the economy offers in the increasing measure entrance chances. Graduate inside and graduates thus different vocational perspectives open, not least owing to the possible broadVarying and the Sprachkenntnisse possibly acquired in the study.

In the course of the Bologna process to time many Magister courses of studies (like also diploma courses of studies) are converted into appropriate Bachelor - and master - courses of studies.

After one usually, at least in Germany, with good or very well passed Magisterexamen, is one Graduation possible.

Magister Artium

of the Magister Artium (M. A.) (master of the “free ones” of arts) is an academic degree.

The Magisterstudium is a study usually spirit, culture and sociological fan and leads after a final examination for the award of the academic degree of Magistra Artium/Magister Artium(M. A.). This title refers to in the antique one trained and by all Middle Ages through tradierte view the free arts sieved of the disciplines of the science as “septem the artes liberal “, and means “(lehr) masters of the sciences” andis not limited thus to artistic areas. In the future one transferred this title for all far independently establishing fan with “philosophical” basis, z. B. the philologies or the archaeological and historicalscientific fan.

Meanwhile it is however at many universities possible, also fan how Computer science, management economics or jurisprudence, which do not correspond to the classical picture of a Magisterstudiums to study as Magisterfach.

occupation possibilities

the conclusion Magister Artium is suitable:

  1. during a study decision for fields of activity, with those the conclusion with a diploma or with a first state examinationfor the teaching profession at High Schools is not possible;
  2. as auxiliary qualification apart from a occupation-qualifying conclusion;
  3. for foreign students.

Generally and/or. possibilities of employment exist foreign culture and medium range, to which the conclusion Magister Artium is related, in the consulting, library, documentation, concert, museum, theatre depending upon selected specialityand translation natures as well as within the range of the foreign (culture) service. In addition this degree opens also an adviser activity with church, local, educational, political and sociological mechanisms, in foreign, personal, staff and advertisement departments of enterprises as well as in institutions of the education and/or. Science administrative/promotion. For such adviser activities becomes however inthe rule, for higher archives - and/or. Library service partially compellingly the graduation presupposed. Beyond the possibilities of employment mentioned would come also lector and/or. Specialized editor places with broadcast, television as well as newspaper and book publishing houses in consideration, whereby however nearly always journalistic auxiliary training or at least a journalisticExperience from freelance activities is necessary.

See also: Baccalaureus Artium, Bachelor, master

Magister Legum Europae

of the Magister Legum Europae (LCL) is a European Magisterabschluss.

The course of studies prepares the student for an international legal manipulation and mediates additionallyto knowledge of the European right also such of the right of the different European legal orders, with reference to the social, political and economic basic conditions. For the acquisition of the LCL a successfully locked basic study of the jurisprudence at a university of a country of the European Union or the EFTA is necessary.Foreign studying become certified after selection by the partner universities. In the FRG studying must be registered and study for the subject jurisprudence at the University of Hanover for an academic year - a ERASMUS supports by - scholarship - at one of the 30 partner universities of the program withinthe European Union. The Magisterprüfung contains a in writing made Magisterarbeit and a verbal examination.

occupation possibilities

of the Magister Legum Europae is suitable: For all legal occupations, landspreading organizations, Kanzleien with partnerships in different countries of the European Union, companies with special foreign purchases in the field thatEuropean union and likewise in the public service.

similar courses of studies

similar courses of studies are offered Bremen and Leipzig to Goettingen, by the Universities of Münster, partly with the designation LL.M.Eur. etc. The University of pouring offers a conclusion as “Magister of the international right (MJI)”.

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in Austria is Magister (male) and/or. Magistra (female) the usual academic degree for most studies on master - level. That applies both in the system of the diploma studies (four to six years starting from Matura), and in the new system of the Magisterstudien (constructing on that Bakkalaureat) in the sense of the Bologna process. Exceptions are the technical studies (conclusion with the degree engeneering graduate), the studies of the human and dental medicine (conclusion with doctor degrees, although they are considered as diploma studies) as well as various university Universities of, the English designations (z. B. Master OF Science [M.Sports club]) lend.

The abbreviation for the male and the female form of the degree reads “likes. ”, the approximate course of studies is indicated by an additive, z. B.:

  • Likes. phil. (Magister/Magistra philosophiae, Magister/Magistra of philosophy)
  • likes. rer. soc. oec. (Magister/Magistra rerum socialium oeconomicarumque, Magister/Magistra of the social and economic science)
  • Likes. iur. (Magister/Magistra iuris, Magister/Magistra of the jurisprudence)
  • likes. iur. rer. oec. (Magister/Magistra iuris rerum oeconomicarum, Magister/Magistra of the right of the economy)
  • likes. rer. nat. (Magister/Magistram rerum naturalium, Magister/Magistra of the natural science)
  • likes. med. vet. (Magister/Magistram medicinae veterinaeriae, Magister/Magistra of the veterinary medicine)

degrees of Master of Arts of professional schools are marked by “(FH)”.


in Denmark and Norway is more magister artium an academic degree, which requires a 7-jährige training in all rule, thus higher than the candidate degree is, which corresponds to the German Magister, diploma or state examination. Magister is traditionally outstanding as research degrees. Humans those thatDegree of Master of Arts received, become more frequently than researchers (e.g. in university positions) work. Magister qualified formally for a Universitätsprofessur, today is asked usually however for the doctor degree (a Scandinavian doctor degree corresponds for instance the Habilitation in Germany).

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