Solenoid actuator

solenoid actuator is called a construction unit, which serves describing, vintages and deletion of magnetic storage media.

When describing the storage medium (e.g. Tape, video tape recording, non removable disk) works the solenoid actuator as electromagnet and magnetizes the hardmagnetic layer material in the rhythm of the information.

During the reading this magnetization causes the induction of a small tension in the solenoid actuator for its part.

For the deletion with similar media (tape, video recorder) a separate erase head is used, which serves only the production of a high frequency alternating field, which demagnetises the magnetic stratum of the medium.< p> Writing and read heads for the similar sound recording (clay/tone heads) consist of a geblechten hochpermeablen, with Kupfer-Lackdraht wound single-aperture core, which has a taper ratio and a gap in a place.
Erase heads as well as solenoid actuators of video recorders, non removable disks and floppy disk drives consist against it of ferrite ceramic(s).


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