Magnum (caliber)

the auxiliary designation Magnum with the designation of cartridges for firearms refers to (usually compared with normal caliber) a clearly increased achievement by a larger propellant . With so-called “Magnumpatronen” or “Magnumkalibern” are therefore the customs gas pressure, the initial speed of the projectile and the initial kinetic energy higher than with comparable calibers. That leads to the fact that weapons for such cartridges must be furnished constructionally (they are generally larger and heavier than for normal caliber furnished models) and an accordingly strengthened bombardment (official of offices for bombardment accomplished Gewaltprobe with overloading) to be subjected.

Magnumpatronen are common for handguns, hunt can cartridges and since short in guns.

From handguns and they are predominantly fired in heavy guns, which are recently titanium manufactured from highly loadable steel or. Only in recent past also semiautomatic Selbstladepistolen were established like for example the model the ore Eagle of Israel Military Industries for well-known liking around calibers at the market, which deviate however in size and weight strongly from normal pistols. Their advantage is a comparatively long run (6 to 10 tariff) and the high weapon weight, which reduce the enormous setback, as well as the high striking power of the projectile (projectile energy at the delta approx. 950 joules with .357 Magnum and 1500 joules with .44 Magnum). Their use beschänkt itself on the sport shooting, the military employment as well as in - rare cases - on the hunt with handguns, permissible in some countries.

The most well-known Magnumkaliber for guns is,357 Magnum,41 Magnum and,44 Magnum. They all go to well-known American contactors and weapon experts on initiatives of the Elmer Keith in the first half 20. Century back.
Guns in the calibers of,357 and ,44 offer the advantage that from them also the wide-spread, to achievement-weaker and more inexpensive cartridges ,38 Special and/or. ,44 Special to be fired can. Turned around this may not happen under any circumstances: When firing a .357-Magnum - cartridge from a .38er gun exists already with the first shot the danger of a weapon breakup with lethal injuries for the contactors and spectators, since the weapon construction units are not appropriate for the gas pressure developing with .357-Magnum-Patronen. In order to exclude such mistakes, the Patronenhülse of .357-Magnum-Patronen about 3 is mm longer, which causes while the loading of a .38-Special-Revolvers with .357-Magnum-Patronen that the cartridge does not fit into the cartridge chamber and by three millimeters out-stood. Swinging and a rotation of the falseloaded drum are not in this way because of the heads of cartridge case herausragenen from it possible.

With rifle cartridges above all special calibers for the high and large game hunt are marked by the additive Magnum, z. B. ,300 Winchester Magnum ,375 Holland&Holland Magnum ,458 Winchester Magnum. The American technical designer and entrepreneur a whole weapon and cartridge family at the market established Roy Weatherby, which are designed compromiseless for ballistic maximum output - up to .460 Weatherby the Magnum -.

Their employment at the police of Chicago, which needed a weapon for the counterstroke against the slowly arising submachine guns with drum magazine of the mafia, made it world-famous.


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