Magnus Arvidsson

Magnus Arvidsson (* 12. February 1973) is a Swedish football player.

Arvidsson began with Förslov IF with the soccer game. As 18-jähriger it changed to the Swedish Erstligisten Helsingborgs IF. Over the IFK hectar SSL cross-beam he came to Trelleborgs FF. 1999 changed Arvidsson to the fiber plastic Hansa Rostock into the soccer federal league. Up to the descent of the Hanseaten 2005 it obtained 27 gates in 155 federal league plays, with which he is the record goal scorer of Hansa in the German elite league.

Magnus Arvidsson is the only soccer player of its country, who is located in the Guinness book of the records. In November 1995 it obtained a magnifying glass-pure having trick for the then Swedish secondary lyingists IFK hectar SSL cross-beam in only 89 seconds.

For the Swedish national soccer team Arvidsson played two times (conditions: 30. June 2005).


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