Magnus deer field

Magnus deer field

Magnus deer field (* 14. May 1868 in Kolberg, today Kołobrzeg; † 14. May 1935 in Nice) was Sexualfor German physician , and Vordenker of the homosexual ones - movement.

Deer field endorsed birth control and spoke themselves against thosecriminal pursuit of the Homosexualität out. Under the slogan „by science to the justice “it wanted to prove the innate its Homosexualität and to justify thus the demand after their exemption from punishment. In addition it developed the theory one „third sex “between man and Mrs., thatof homosexual ones, Transsexuellen and inter+sexual consist. To width of parts of his work Karl Heinrich Ulrichs on from smelling pool of broadcasting corporations von is based Krafft Ebing and.

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after its medicine study 1888 -1892 in (Strasbourg, Munich, Heidelberg and Berlin) opened first a naturheilkundliche medical practice in Magdeburg to deer field; two years later it pulled to Berlin.

To 15. It created May 1897 in its Charlottenburger dwelling with thatPublisher max of Spohr, which lawyer Eduard Oberg and the writer max of Bülow the scientific-humanitarian committee, to whose presiding he was selected. The committee was those world-wide first organization, which sat down to the goal, same sex actions betweenTo entkriminalisieren men. A Petition at Reichstag to paint the notorious paragraph 175 from the penal code there one negotiated, failed however.

Starting from 1899 it gave annual a yearbook for sexual intermediate stages, appeared to beginning of the twenties out.

For its investigations it accomplished statistic questionings starting from 1903 / 04 with students and Metallarbeitern for sexual orientation. He came with the fact to the result that the portion of homosexual 1.5% and the Bisexueller 3.5% at the populationis.

1908 it published briefly the magazine for Sexualwissenschaft , which it had to reset in the same year.

Special public attention experienced disputed activity in the years 1907 to 1909 of deer field as a court-appointed expert for sexualkundliche questions in the context of the hard EN owl castle affair. The Coupletdichter Otto Reutter karikierte the analytic procedure of the consultant and the Homophobie grassierende in aristocracy and officer corps 1908 in its “deer field song”, which already experienced far spreading on records and which admitting heating degree of deer field increased additionally.

1910 coin/shape deer field forPersons, the clothes of the other sex carry, the term Transvestit.

In the First World War the scientific activity rested; Deer field works as military hospital - physician.

1918 it created the liking US deer field donation and opened to 6. July 1919 with the dermatologist Friedrich value home andthe versatile mental specialist and Psychotherapeuten Arthur Kronfeld, who held scientific opening paper, Institut for Sexualwissenschaft as world-wide the first mechanism for Sexualforschung.

In the same year deer field was advisor and participation in the first gay film of film history, different than thoseOther one of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Oswald.

1920 were heavily hurt deer field after a lecture in Munich through „völkische Rowdys “; Newspapers announce its death even already. 1926 it traveled on invitation of the government of the USSR to Moscow and Leningrad; 1931 followeda voyage round the world by North America, Asia and the Orient. To its return 1932 it went due to warnings directly to the exile, first to Ascona into (Switzerland), then to France.

1933 became the locking of the institutefor Sexualwissenschaft by the national socialists arranged, Institut starting from that 6. May 1933 of students of the university for Leibesübungen geplündert and destroys. The institute library landed fires on the citizen of Berlin opera place together with a Büste Magnus of deer field in the Autodafe -. In Paristhe attempt of deer field failed to create new Institut.

it moved to 1934 to Nice, where it 1935 at its 67. Birthday died.

Under the title Magnus deer field - Einstein of the Sex became its life 1999 of pink ones ofPraunheim films.


substantial ideas, like its concept of the 3. , He took sex of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs. While its political working of courage and fate is characterized, is its scientific work today because of its biologistic adjustmentin the criticism.


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