May chamber

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Wappen der Orstgemeinde Maikammer Deutschlandkarte, Position von Maikammer hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Southern crying race
convention community: May chamber
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 49° 18 ' N, 08° 08 ' O
49° 18 ' N, 08° 08 ' O
height: 161 m and. NN
surface: 13.68 km ²
inhabitants: 4.114 (August 2004)
population density: 300 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 67487
preselection: 06321
Kfz characteristics: SÜW
municipality key: 07 3 37 052
of the local administration:
Immengartenstrasse 24
67487 May chamber
official Website:
mayor: Karl shepherd (CDU)
local council:
(Choice to 13. June 2004
CDU 52.5% (- 5.5) - 11 seats (- 1)
SPD 16.4% (- 9.7) - 3 seats (- 2)
WGR 1 15.7% (- 0.2) - 3 seats (=)
WGR 2 15.5% (+15,5) - 3 seats (+3)

May chamber is a wine and a Erholungsort in the southwest of Germany in the Pfalz south of new city at the crying race.

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geographical situation

been on a height of up to 300 m because of the foot of the Kalmit, the highest collection of the Pfälzer of forest (673 m), is appropriate for May chamber in one of vines dominated landscape.


as exotic fruits grow climate by the mediterrane climate as Kiwis, lemons , almonds , Esskastanien and much more besides beside the wine.

culture and objects of interest

of buildings

  • the Alsterweiler chapel with „the May treasurer altar “and a lategothical Triptychon. The altarpiece ranks gothical board painting among the few still received examples in the Pfalz. Probably around 1445 with perfection, he is a valuable certification of painting of the Upper Rhine.
  • In addition above May chamber a monument was set for the inventor of the meter staff: an oversize Zollstock.


beside historical one has to offer May chamber still another heated open-rir swimming pool with giant chute.

economics and infrastructure


motorway connection Edenkoben to A 65 in direct proximity with direct up and departures toward Karlsruhe and/or. Ludwigshafen/Mannheim.

May chamber

their administration accommodates authorities as seat of the convention community of the same name.


of sons and daughters of the municipality

two interesting sons of the municipality were general Hartmann, whose monument stands survive-largely on the market place, and „cross-beam “Carpenter, posthum as „the Pfälzer the James Dean “explained silent movie star, that began its career into the early 1920er-Jahren.

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