Maike Tatzig

Maike Susan Tatzig (* 22. June 1973 in Minden) is a German television host and - produzentin.

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Tatzig completed training as the Grafikdesignerin after the Abitur. In addition it took singing instruction.


with an appearance with an operating celebration was noticeable it to Udo Jürgens , which engaged it for its tour 1997 as a background singer.

Tatzig moderated 2000 call TV and bends bread ago - the Quiz.

It developed the successful Comedy Improvisationssendung Schillerstrasse (Sat.1, since 2004), with which it is Produzentin also implementing. Since at the end of September 2005 is there also active as a successor of George Uecker before the camera as a play chief it. 2006 receive it the golden Romy for the best program idea.


Tatzig is married and childless.

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