Milano (Milan)
State of Italy
region Lombardei
province Milan (MI)
geographical location of 45° 28 ' N 9° 10 ' O
height of 120 m and. NN
surface 182 km ²
inhabitant city: 1.308.311 (31.12.2004)

dye: approx. 7 million.

Population density 6,988 Einwohner/km ²
postal zip code 20100
Preselection 02
ISTAT - code 015146
name of the inhabitants Milanesi, Meneghini
protection patron Ambrosius of Milan
Website comune.milano

Milan (Italian Milano, citizen of Milan dialect Milán) is the second largest city of Italy, capital of the province Milan and the region Lombardei in North Italy. Milan has approximately 1,3 million inhabitant, in the province is it zirka 4,5 million and in the dye (mentioned by the Italians “Grande Milano”) lives zirka 7 million humans. (Conditions in each case 2004)

Milan is the center of Italy, which concerns economics , mode , Design and media, and is considered as “moral capital”. Is the city admits and. A. for its gothical cathedral, her opera house citizen of Milan Scala, different art treasures and the most important Italian fair.

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Via Dante und Castello Sforzesco
via Dante andCastello Sforzesco

the city lies in the Poebene. The city is surrounded by the rivers Olona in the west and Lambro in the east. Channels ( the Navigli) connect the city with the upper-Italian lakes and the lombardischen rivers.


citizens of Milan the climate are damp. Nebulas and smog belong in the city to the agenda. In the summer it becomes very warm; in the winter it is cold, it can partially productively snow.


major item: History of Milan

around 400 v. Chr. the area was settled around Milan by the celtic Insubrer. 222 v. Chr. conquered the Romans this settlement with the celtic name Mediolanum.

After several centuries of Roman rule Milan became 293 of emperor Diokletian to the capital of the westRoman realm explains. originated in to 313 citizen of Milan the tolerance edict, in which emperor Konstantin assured the Christian the faith liberty. 402 the city was besieged by the Westgoten (on which the emperor residence was shifted after Ravenna), 50 years later(452) the Hunnen took the city. 539 conquered and destroyed the Ostgoten Milan in the process of the so-called. Gotenkrieges against emperors Justinian. 774 Milan part of the Franconia realm became.

During the conquest war of the emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossa approximatelythe lombardischen cities Milan was destroyed to a large extent 1162. After the establishment of the Lombardi standard ware 1167 Milan received the prominent role in this alliance. With the independence, which was awarded to the lombardischen cities in the Konstanzer peace 1183, Milan became the duchy.

1395 became Gian Galeazzo Visconti duke of Milan.

1450 fell Milan to the aristocracy sex of the Sforza, the Milan to one of the prominent cities of the Italian Renaissance removals.

1492 raised the French king Ludwig XII.for the first time requirements on thatDuchy. After its victory over Swiss 1515 the duchy of France king Franz I. became. awarded. After the victory of Karl V. over Franz I. 1525 fell with north Italy also Milan to the house having castle. 1556 thanked Karl V. in favor ofits son Philipp II. and its brother Ferdinand from having castle , so that the Italian possessions to thereby of Philipp II. justified Spanish line of the having citizens ignored. 1700 died this Spanish line of the house having castle however with death Karl's II. out. Afterwards succession war began 1701 the Spanish with the occupation of all Spanish possessions by French troops under the French pretender to the throne. 1704 was defeated the Frenchmen in Ramillies and Turin and had to vacate north Italy in favor of the Austrian having citizens. 1714 awarded in peacetime of restcorrode Venetien and the Lombardei with its capital Milan then also formally the Austrian having citizens.

Napoleon conquered 1796 the Lombardei. Milan was made the capital of the Cisalpini republic. After the end of the crew by Napoleonin the Viennese congress 1815 Milan and the Lombardei were awarded again to Austria. In the year 1848 the five-day rebellion took place against the Austrian crew, into whose consequence the Austrian field marshal Radetzky with its troops had to withdraw himself temporarily from the city.After the defeat of Austria against the troops Sardinien Piemonts and France with the battle of Solferino the Lombardei fell 1859 to the house Sardinien Piemont under Viktor Emanuel II..

After the First World War the Fascio was based 1919 combattimento (Squadristi) in Milan.

1922 began Benito Mussolini of Milan from its march on Rome.

In the Second World War the city suffered 1944 strong destruction.

art and culture

other buildings



Milan is the industrial metropolis of Italy absolutely and ranks among the most important industrial sites of Europe. Of the 200 largest enterprisesthe country has approximately half here its seat carrier. Here are the most publishing houses, advertising agencies, market research institutes and commercial companies of the country. Milan is world-wide in the points mode (beside Paris) and Design clay-indicating. 1910 became in Milan that Car manufacturer Alfa Romeo based (today part of the Fiat - company). A further world-well-known enterprise is the maturing and cable manufacturer Pirelli.


Milan is of Italy largest traffic junction. The railway junction enclosure among other things opened monumental head station to the 1931Milano Centrale and in the east at the distance after Venice a large marshalling yard. The public local passenger traffic is accomplished among other things by the urban streetcar company, at of Milano.

The rapid-transit rail traffic is marked by M-S-R - for the Metro Milan, the rapid-transit railway Milan and the regional traffic.

Milan has three airports, the international airport Malpensa, the national airport Linate as well as the airport with Bergamo.

twin cities


the city is homeland of two internationally successful football - clubs: AC Milan and inter Milan, those their Heimspiele in the Giuseppe Meazza stadium inBorough San Siro deliver.

The cycle racing classical author Milan San Remo is one the most well-known a daily running of the world. The wheel round travel giro d'Italia ends traditionally in Milan.

In the environment the formula 1 - racing course of Monza is appropriate for the city.


  • Università Bocconi
  • Scuola Direzione Aziendale - Bocconi
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Università degli study di Milano (short: Statale I°)
  • Università degli study di Milano Bicocca (short: Statale II°)
  • I.U.L.M.
  • Politecnico di Milano I° - Cittàstudi
  • Politecnico di Milano II° -Bovisa
  • Istituto superiore Beato Angelico
  • I.S.E.F.
  • Istituto Europeo di Design
  • Conservatorio di Milano
  • Accademia barks Arti di Brera
  • Libera Università Vita e Salute/San Raffaele
  • Libero Istituto Universitario Carlo Cattaneo

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coordinates: 45° 28 ' N, 9° 10 ' O


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