Milan San Remo

Hauptfeld in Diane Marina 2004
main field in DIANE Marina 2004
Alessandro Petacchi triumphs in the Sprint (2005)

the Radrennen Milan San Remo is also over 290 km the longest a daily running in the professional cycle racing. It is counted to the five Monumenten so mentioned of the cycle racing and belonged to in the year 2005imported UCI pro route, a series of the most important Radrennen of the yearly.

The most important and most famous classical author of Italy takes place annually at the end of March and therefore the surname La Primavera (travel into spring) got. La classicissima, how running is also respectfully called, foundfor the first time 1907 instead of and were up to its abolishment the first part ten running of the comprehensive wheel Worldcup. Since first delivering running the Gazzetta dello sport is organized.


the routing from Milan to San Remo changes ofYear to year only insignificantly. In contrast for instance to Paris Roubaix, which begins 80 km north of Paris in Compiègne, Milan San Remo actually begins in Milan. Afterwards the distance leads across the Turchino passport to the coast. Spectacularly above all the passages, those are directalong-lead to the Riviera. Nearly running completely flat over far parts decided until some years ago at several short rises briefly before end of the distance, above all the Cipressa (about 20 km before the goal) and the Poggio di Sanremo (approximately 6 kmbefore the goal). In the last years these led as “Capi” designated rises however rarely to a selection, so that the decision is in the meantime usually delivered in a mass print. This shows up also in the winner list, those last from Sprintern such as Eric Zabel, Mario Cipollini, OSCAR Freire and Alessandro Petacchi was dominated.

by far most

victories with „the Classicissima “the Belgian „Kannibale “Eddy Merckx has to exhibit the record winners those. It won seven times in eleven years between 1966 and 1976 altogether. Behind Costante Girardengoand beside the large Gino Bartali at place 3 of the eternal rank list Eric Zabel pushed itself, which could be jubilant since 1997 four times in San Remo.

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