Maji Maji

Maji Maji (maji: Swahili for „water “) was the name of the miracle water Kinjikitiles for the fight against the German colonial force in the Maji Maji rebellion 1905 - 1907 in German East Africa.

It consisted of a mixture of water, corn and Sorghum - grains, which one drinks, in small containers umhängen or with it to rub itself in could. Also it was poured simply over the head.

Depending upon area the positive effects of the Maji Maji were adapted to the needs; it healed hunger , driving out against war , and brought victory, invulnerability, wealth, luck uvm. Importantly, in order not to destroy the effectiveness of the medicine, was also a large number of prohibitions. So e.g. was it. does not permit to turn in the fight to use other medicine or magic than the Maji Maji determined things eat or than fighters before the battle with its wife sleep. The prohibitions had numerous regional variants, those all to be kept could and thus always a reason supply could not at all for the Nichtwirken of the medicine.

the cult

for the Maji Maji cult was the Bokero in such a way specified - cult of the Matumbi an important component. The cult knows a queue God named Bokero, which after old Bantu myths in the Pangani Stromschnellen of the Rufiji - river lives. It contacts the external world over the spirit hongo, which needs a human medium, which has lilingu.

Outside of the area around the Rufiji, in Ulunguru, Bokero was well-known also under the name Kolelo. Kolelo became, then it means the faith, sent by the göttlichen world creator (mungu), in order to bring „everything back in order, which is spoiled here on ground connection “. Kolelo and Bokero are not visible for normal humans and need therefore hongo.

Who could prove by unusual wisdom or large radiant emittance its lilingu and showed the fact that he was possessed by one hongo could affect the policy and religion of its Ethnie and if necessary even the entire religious community to a considerable degree.

This cult was the basis, on which Kinjikitile 1904 developed its Maji Maji cult.


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