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A major is the carrier of a military rank.

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major are called chiefs, upper. In 16. Century from the Spanish mayor (too German: more largely, more highly). For his part derived from latin maior or maius (more largely, more strongly, more importantly).

In the Prussian army main people became, it not Staff officer brought, otherwise worked satisfactorily, with the character of a major (character major) had said good-bye, i.e. they received the Ruhegehalt of a captain, were allowed however major to call itself.

The major was originally that of regiment more maier. It had like the Wachtmeister at the company for thatTo ensure being awake service and the food supply of the regiment. First it became therefore also with Obristwachtmeister and/or. Colonel being awake master calls. When the Infantrieregimenter was divided into battalions, the major was usually commander of a battalion.

In Germany the major becomes mostly as a deputy battalion commander (S3)or relay leaders used into flying units up to the most diverse staff officer uses in all guidance basic areas on all leadership levels (brigade , division , corps, office, Ministry or in international staffs and headquarters).

rank, career and paying in the German Federal Armed Forces

servingdegree off indication major at the field suit (pioneer troop army)

the major designates a soldier in the seventh-highest officer rank in the army and at the Air Force in Germany. At the German navy the appropriate rank is called lieutenant commander. In the Sanitätsdienst of the German Federal Armed Forces upper medical officer is, upper staff pharmacists and upper staff veterinarian.

Soldiers in this rank can give crews, NCOs without Portepee, NCOs with Portepee , within the borders set by the superior regulation (VVO ) second lieutenants and main people of instructions.

The major is member of the group of careers officer and belongs to the grade category staff officer, of themlowest rank it is. He is paid after the federal pay regulation with A13 (upper medical officer/upper staff pharmacists/upper staff veterinarian are paid with A14). Next-lowest rank is a staff captain * and/or. Captain and the next higher lieutenant colonel. (*Der rank of the staff captain is not rule transport in the officer career.)

itsilver oak leaves with a silver star carry and are usually university graduate. For the transport to the major successful completing of the staff officer training course (SOL) at the command and staff academy of the German Federal Armed Forces is necessary.


the major is member of the group of careers of the officers. Badge:two-third golden network of the five-angular collar mirrors with a six-jagged golden star.

Further the use designation becomes a second lieutenant for leading officials (E1) of the executive in Austria, in addition federal police and law guard belong, used. Since it concerns with the awake bodies mentioned civilian bodies, only aftermilitary sample are organized, does not concern it however not police officers, but they lead only officer ranks as use designation.


the major is the lowest degree in the group of the staff officers. Majore have a pay of CHF 18,00 per day. In addition is it starting from the major degree possible to be in the general staff.

Major can only become, who for at least eight years officer is already.

other armies

  • in NATO the major has the climbing code OF-3
  • the English designation reads major
  • the French designation reads Commandant or boss de Bataillon/boss d'Escadron.
The rank to major it gives however also, it corresponds to the upper Csm of the German Federal Armed Forces.

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