Major League Soccer

major League Soccer (MLS) is the highest US-American football - professional league.

The quality level of the MLS improved since their establishment 1996 continuously. The success of the US crew with the world championship 2002 in Korea/Japan (quarter final) is attributed at least partly to the fact that the players could collect into the MLS valuable experiences.

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forerunner leagues

it gave already various attempts to establish in North America a professional league. The most well-known was surely the North American Soccer League (NASL; 1968 - 1984), with which football legends stood such as Pelé and Franz basin farmer under contract.

current team list

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

former teams

MLS Cup Championship of final games

acquaintance active players

former players

average numbers of visitors per play (season/Playoffs)

  • 1996: 17.406/17.673
  • 1997: 14.619/16.015
  • 1998: 14.312/17.885
  • 1999: 14.282/16.339
  • 2000: 13.756/10.274
  • 2001: 14.961/11.805
  • 2002: 15.821/13.872
  • 2003: 14.898/14.978
  • 2004: 15.559/NA

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