the Makkabäer were Jewish freedom fighters against the suppression by the dynasty of the Seleukiden. They justified the royal and hohepriesterliche sex of the Hasmonäer and fought for for nearly one hundred years (165 v. Chr. to 63 v. Chr.) Jewish independence.

The kingdom could up toConquest Jerusalems by Pompeius (63 v. Chr.) its independence retain. The royal dynasty found 37 v. Chr. with the income Jerusalems by Herodes their end.

165 v. Chr. Judas with the surname Makkabäus (of aramäisch Makkaba , the hammer) led a rebellion against the seleuzidischeRule over Judäa on. After its military victory it drew into Jerusalem, let the entweihten temple clean and a new altar establish and inaugurate.

This Altarweihe is celebrated for this time each year at Chanukka for eight days.

The history of the Makkabäer becomes inthe four deuterokanonischen and/or. apopkryphen alttestamentlichen books 1. Makkabäer, 2. Makkabäer, 3. Makkabäer and 4. Makkabäer represented. Probably also the book Daniel a document of this time stood.


the material found among other things Precipitation in trade Oratorium Judas Maccabaeus.

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