of these articles describes the term macro in programming. In the photography macro is used as abbreviation for macro objective or macro photography.

Macro originates from the Greek and means largely or far.

A macro in programming is oneKind text module, thus a small piece program code, which by an interpreter or Präprozessor is replaced by a larger piece program code. To be replaced with it it has literal constants possible often recurring program structures by contractions to be simplified or by semantic designations.

  • Programs, which replace character sequences by other character sequences, are called macro processors. The definition of one character sequence which can be replaced is called therein macro. Well-known macro processors are C and/or. C++ Präprozessor, the Unix - program m4 as well as the text record programs troff and TeX. In the macro assembler such a macro processor is used, in order to be able to define itself repeating structures more simply.
  • In programming languages such as Lisp macros designate Metaprogramme, which are converted in the case of the translation first in executable program code. Macros serve there for it, recurring program structuresto illustrate: Each developer knows if necessary new control structures, draft sample, OOP systems, etc. directly in the language implement (syntax abstraction). In programming languages without macros for it changes in the language definition would be necessary.
  • Into some CAD - programs become prefabricated parts,from a library to be in addition-loaded can, when macro designates. An architect does not have to again draw thus each wash basin, an electrical planner can to finished switches and plug sockets fall back.
  • Under Microsoft Windows a Automatisation of the surface is called “macro”. ManyApplication programs permit the recording of typical instruction sequences and operating steps as macro. With most Microsoft application programs serves VBA as recording language. In accordance with the definition specified above (replacement of little text by much text) VBA macros are actually no macros, but independent smallPrograms, which need the VBA interpreter as run time environment.

In Microsoft Access a special - vorgeblich user-friendly - kind of programming in tabular form is called „macro “.

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