Malcolm drill

Malcolm drill 1977
John Malcolm drill (* 21. May 1930 in Toorak, Victoria, Australia) is liberal an Australian politician that party and was of 12. November 1975 up to the 11. March 1983 Australian prime minister.

Drill was that youngest from two children of Una Woolf, Jewish descent, and John Neville drill, a Scottish lawyer. Malcolm drill studied Oxford in Great Britain philosophy , politics and national economy at the university.

1966 to 1968 were drill Secretary of Defense under Harold get and from 1968 to 1969 Ministers for training and science under John fermenting clay/tone. From 1969 to 1971 it was again Verteidungsminister under John fermenting clay/tone. After Gough Whitlam under disputed conditions 1975 became to dismiss, the governor general drill requested posts for the assumption as a prime minister. In the choice following on it it was confirmed in its office with overwhelming majority.

In its over seven years persisting function as prime ministers it converted many reforms within the range of the human rights and engaged themselves in international motion for the support of the Black African movements. It kept the conservative economic policy upright, against the Wirtschaftsderegulation beginning. Its successor as prime ministers became Bob Hawke.

He married 1956 Tamara Beggs and has with their four children


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