One Ray

Salvador Dalí und Man Ray, 16. Juni 1934 in Paris, Fotograf: Carl van Vechten
Salvador Dalí and one Ray, 16. June 1934 in Paris, photographer: Carl van Vechten

one Ray (* 27. August 1890 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; † 18. November 1976 in Paris; actually Emmanuel Rudnitzky) was an US-American painter and photographer.

One Ray studied art from 1908 to 1912 in New York. Already starting from 1911 he worked as abstract painters and sculptors. By Alfreds' Stieglitz found and kept it close contact to the European avant-garde (compared Gertrude stone). Already early it was concerned, suggestion by Alfred Stieglitz, also with photography and film. 1917 it - affects by its contacts to Europe - was one the founder of the New Yorker Dada - section. 1921it moved then to Paris, where it co-operated particularly with the Surrealisten. From 1940 to 1950 it decreased/went back again into the USA and taught there painting and photography. From 1951 to its death 1976 it lived thenagain in Paris. One Ray was also buried here at the Cimetière Montparnasse.

During one Ray the photography first as means for documentation (its paintings) began, turned he already soon to the artistic possibilities of the medium. Examples of it are its numerous Photogramme (those the Dadaist Tristan Tzara as Rayographien designated) or also the frequent employment of the Sabattier effect ( the pseudo Solarisation, which it developed together with Lee Miller) in its photographic work.

By his Mrs. Juliet one Ray became those Donation “one Ray Trust” ( based. The donation possesses a large collection of original work and administers copyrights of the artist. 1998 were shown the work comprehensively in the gallery of the city Stuttgart - catalog of Johann Karl Schmidt.

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