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the stringed instrument Mandoline (ABC: mand) is a pulling instrument from the family sounds.

Konzertmandoline, Detailfotos
Konzertmandoline, detail photo

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Cutaway und f-Loch einer Bluegrass-Mandoline
Cutaway and f-Loch of a Bluegrass Mandoline

the Mandoline with a Plektron from Schildpatt (today increases from plastic) one plays. The string tendency corresponds to the violin.The purchase of the neapolitanischen Mandoline (neapolitanische Rundmandoline) consists of four pairs of strings, which are been correct in Quinten like the violin: g D' A' e'';

Konzertmandolinen possess a classical drop form, whereby the Korpus is manufactured back from splinters in round belly form similarly sounds.

On the other handin the folkloristischen music a flat guitar-similar Korpus with trims and soil is usually preferred. In the USA different variants with “Cutaways” and f-Löchern were developed.

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  • the citizens of Milan Mandoline has five or six pairs of strings and the tendency gC' A' D'' e'' and/or. g h e' A' D'' g'';
  • Portuguese Halbrundmandoline;
  • German Flachmandoline.
  • Gibson F5 Flachmandoline, in early 20. Century by Lloyd Loar with f-Löchern and characteristic snail at the Korpus built, today valuable pieces of collecting tank
  • of E-Mandoline with magnetic pick-up (usually einspuliger Singlecoil)
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use in the music

baroque, classical period, romance

Mandolinenspielerin around 1907

first sources, in which the Mandoline is mentioned, originate from early 17. Century. At present the baroque have composersas Antonio Vivaldi, Domenico Scarlatti and Johann Adolf hate for this instrument composes.

If the Mandoline originally originated from Italy, Paris became their most important center around 1750. Further important composers, who dedicated themselves to the Mandoline, are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Nepomuk Hummel and Niccolò Paganini. Around 1800 one finds the Mandoline particularly in Vienna.

That today so well-known Tremolo, an important play technology of the Mandoline, became only in the romance starting from center 19. Century uses. The most important composer of this epochwas Raffaele Calace. At this time also the first pulling orchestras were based.


the Mandoline became in the course 20. Century with ever larger popularity used in the contemporary music. The most important German composer for Mandoline and pulling orchestra 20.Century was Konrad Wölki; above all the music-scientific acknowledgment of the Mandoline and the pulling orchestra is to be owed to it. In the present one finds the Mandoline in the orchestra, in the most diverse chamber music ensembles and as solistisches instrument.

Professor dresses the only chair for Mandoline in Germany.Marga wild Hüsgen at the university for music Cologne, location Wuppertal.

drop-shaped Flachmandoline of the American manufacturer Levin

people music

at the beginning 20. Century was in Germany in the moving bird movement the Mandoline probably also due to its small size likes. Also today it givesstill in many places Mandolinenorchester. The instrument received special attention in the Folkrevival of the 70's now at a recent public. The Mandolinenspieler Erich tasting cup coined/shaped the sound of the Duos Zupfgeigenhansel with the instrument.


in the American Bluegrassmusik has Bill Monroe earnings/services,that the Mandoline became not only rythmisches Begleitinstrument, but also a equal Solinstrument. As particularly influential Virtuosen is referred to David Grisman or SAM Bush.


acquaintance of examples of the use of Mandolinen in the popular music are among other things Losing My religion of R.E.M., The Battle OF Evermore of LED Zeppelin or various songs of the group of Jethro Tull, under it A Christmas Song and Fat one. Mike Oldfield plays it also with its famous “Tubular Bells”, where her at the end of the first half with other instrumentsin a solo one one introduces.

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