Mandy Mystery

Mandy Mystery (actual name: NIC oils of houses, * 14. December 1973) is a German Pornodarstellerin.

Mandy Mystery locked first teachings as a baker's shop specialized shop assistant, until she was addressed 1994 by an acquaintance to accompany him nevertheless on a Pornodreh. Since on this day coincidentally a Darstellerin failed, she was asked whether she did not want to substitute. After initial fears accessed it and started so its career in the Pornobranche.

Fast it could not save itself from orders to no more. It turned films in Switzerland, in Paris and in Germany. She already worked with well-known actors such as Hans Bilian, Joe D'Amato, Mario Salieri , max hard core and Chris Charming. Their favourite partners are Conny Dachs and Titus Steel, their preferential positions are Analverkehr and double penetration.

Meanwhile it has its own film series as well as its own laundry and Toy collection with the Mandy Mystery LINE. The actress is married.

Mandy Mystery worked among other things under the aliases Nicky Luett, Nicci Lütt, Mandy Misteri, Mandy Mistery, Mandy Mystery, Nicki and NIC oils.


  • Venus Award 2002: Best Darstellerin
  • Venus Award 2002: Best product campaign with the “Mandy Mystery LINE”

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