Manfred Flegel

Manfred Flegel (* 3. June 1927 in Magdeburg) was a Minister for stock management, Minister for trade and supply and deputy chairmen of the Council of Ministers of the GDR.

Flegel was drawn 1945 to the armed forces and came into American war shank. It visited the high school to 1947 and was thereafter an unsalaried employee at the Chamber of Commerce and industrie Magdeburg. 1948 - 1952 it studied society sciences and financial economics in Rostock and Berlin.

Flegel joined 1948 the NDPD . 1950 until March 1990 he was a delegate of the people chamber, until 1954 as a member of the restaurant and until 1967 as member and a chairman of the financial and budget committee. It was at the same time 1953 - 1959 department managers at the party executive committee of the NDPD and until 1990 member of their main committee, in addition 1987 - 1989 deputy party chairman.

By November 1967 to 1989 it was deputy chairmen of the Council of Ministers and 1971 - a 1974 Minister for stock management, afterwards to 1989 of chairmen of the national contract court.

In the government Modrow was Flegel Minister for trade and supply. it went to 1990 into the Vorruhestand.

Flegel received the patriotic earnings/service medal to 1977.


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