Manfred Gerlach

Manfred Gerlach (* 8. May 1928 in Leipzig) is a German politician. He was from 1967 to 1990 LDPD - a chairman, from 1960 to 1989 of deputy Council of State chairmen and from 1989 to 1990 of Council of State chairmen of the GDR.


Gerlach became after people and middle school of 1944 law employees. Because of establishment of an illegal group of young people he came in March 1944 into youth detention.

1945 it occurred the LDPD and was 1946 joint founders of the LDPD and the FDJ in Leipzig. 1947 - 1952 it was member of the regional organization Saxonia of the GDR and member of the adviser for youth problems at the central association of the LDPD. In addition it was 1949 - 1959 in the Central Council of the FDJ.

Since 1949 Gerlach was member of the people chamber. Since 1950 he was a city delegate and mayor, 1952 1954 deputy mayor of Leipzig and deputy chairmen of the town councillor. 1951 -1954 it completed a remote study, attained a doctorate 1964 to the Dr. jur. and 1984 became a professor.

In the LDPD was it 1951 of 1953 deputy chairmen, until 1967 Secretary-General and until 1990 as a successor of max of Suhrbier of chairmen. It was 1960 to 1990 one the deputy of the Council of State chairman, deputy chairmen of the people chamber committee for national defense and since 1967 member of the presidency of the national council of the national front.

To 13. It questioned and demanded October 1989 as a first prominent politician of the GDR the supremacy of the SED reforms. Of 6. December by March 1990 was it as a successor of Egon Krenz of chairmen of the Council of State. 1990, after the first free elections took over by a constitutional amendment the newly selected president of the people chamber, Sabine miner Pohl, the tasks of the head of state.

1990 it became member of the federation suitor democrat, thereafter the FDP. After the introduction of a party expulsion procedure 1992 because of the reproach, Leipziger LDPD - to have denunziert, Gerlach stepped members with the Soviet military authorities to 23. November 1993 from the FDP.

Determinations of the public prosecutor's office with the citizen of Berlin Court of Appeal against it because of the suspicion of the unlawful detention with death sequence were stopped. The same applied to a process because of Denunziation of LDPD members 2000. It could prove in latter case that it is negotiation unable.

Gerlach is coworker alternatives of the historical forum Berlin.

It received the patriotic earnings/service medal and the star of the people friendship and 1988 the Karl Marx medals to 1964.


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