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Manfred jug (* 8. February 1937 in Duisburg) is a German actor, singer and a writer.

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after the divorce its parents pulled ManfredJug with its father 1949 from West German Duisburg into the GDR. After the conclusion of the theory and temporary work in a steel plant in Brandenburg/Havel (during this time he acquired his Abitur at the evening institute), he began a study at the national play school,which it had to break off however, and ensemble arose at the citizen of Berlin. In a group house in the citizens of Berlin Cantianstrasse jug as well as Jurek Becker lived. With the writer Becker - which wrote to the first expenditures of the later TV serial favourite cross mountain the film script - connectedJug a lifelong friendship. Starting from 1956 it arose in the cinema and television of the GDR. 1960 he transferred a role in the successful film five Patronenhülsen of franc Beyer. In further films it arose in the role of the socialist hero. With the film tracethe stones under the direction of franc Beyer it excited the displeasure of the censorship. The film was removed after three days from the cinemas and shown only again 1989 in the GDR. Nevertheless it played far roles, above all the strong hero. Manfred jug was also as jazz - singer in the GDR admits, published together with the composer Günther Fischer several records, which he wrote the text under alias also, arose in numerous television broadcasts and worked as a synchronous speaker (z. B. in Eolomea). The title was particularly popular „ita house in new Orleans stands”. This very day much is its appearance admits jazz lyric poetry Prosa”, from which there is also to LP and CD in the program „. The two of it rezitierten pieces „the cow in the propeller” and „the pulley-block” can due to its cult-suspicious interpretation stilltoday many former citizens of the GDR by heart.

1976 received a partial professional disqualification to jug, because he followed a protest against the deprivation of citizenship of wolf Biermann. To 20. April 1977 placed a departure request to jug and left after its permission the GDR. He lived then in Berlin beautiful mountain,thus in the western part of the city.

He found roles in the Federal Republic at that time equivalent again (and. A. in the child transmission Sesamstrasse), sang however longer time a little public. Recently appeared some CDs, new, on which it sings common with its daughter, as well as summaries of LPs, among them,which it had taken up in the GDR as well as Günther Fischer.

He attained an enormous popularity in the role of the attorney Robert favourite in the TV serial favourite cross mountain, whose film script was written him on the body from its friend Jurek Becker, as well as commissionerPaul Stöver at the side of Charles Brauer as Peter Brockmöller in the scene of the NDR, which it embodied from 1984 to 2001 forty times, with which he became a “serve-oldest” scene commissioner. Besides jug was to be seen since 1977 in the series „on axle”.

Krug nahm auch Aufträge in der Werbung an, u. A. in a campaign of the Telekom, that prepared the stock exchange course „of the t shares”. After an interview remark, in which it apologized for the losses, which had suffered the Telekom shareholders, separated the Telekom fromJug. In the campaign it appeared to a legal expenses insurance as an attorney, with what ironically on its role as „a lawyer Liebling “one took off („Advocard is lawyer Liebling! “).

Its Biografien („knocked off” 2003, „my beautiful life” 2005) became best-sellers.

Filmografie (selection)

  • 1957: A girl of 16 1/2
  • 1959: Commodity for Katalonien
  • 1959: That free contactor
  • 1959: Report 57
  • 1959: Before lightning hits
  • 1960: What would be, if…?
  • 1960: People with wings
  • 1960: Five Patronenhülsen
  • 1961: Professor Mamlock
  • 1961: Good day, dear day
  • 1961: Urfaust
  • 1961: With call murder
  • 1961: Three chapters luck
  • 1961: On the sun side
  • 1962: Revue around midnight
  • 1962: Minna of barn helmet
  • 1962: King children
  • 1962: The chin hook
  • 1963: Fog
  • 1963: Boxer
  • 1963: Description of a summer
  • 1964: Me after, Canaillen
  • 1965: King throttle beard
  • 1965: The antique coin
  • 1966: Tracethe stones
  • 1967: Mrs. Venus and their devil
  • 1967: The flag of Kriwoj Rog
  • 1968: Captain Florian of the mill
  • 1968: Parting
  • 1968: Ways over the country
  • 1969: Widens roads, silence love
  • 1969: Käuzchenkuhle
  • 1969: With me not, madame!
  • 1970: Network
  • 1970: My hour of zero
  • 1970: Young woman of 1914
  • 1971: Hussar in Berlin
  • 1971: The Verschworenen
  • 1972: The stolen battle
  • 1973: As one feeds a donkey
  • 1974: Kit & CO
  • 1977: The hiding place
  • 1977: Fire under deck
  • 1978: Paul turns back
  • 1979: The fist in the bag
  • 1979: The Phantasten
  • 1980: A man for the life
  • 1981: Area conflagration
  • 1983: Consul Möllers inheriting
  • 1984: Joseph sweetly Oppenheimer
  • 1990: Pink mouth
  • 1990: Neuner
  • 1994: The blue one

TV serials

work on []


  • 1962: On the sun side
  • 1964: Jazz and lyric poetry
  • 1965: To Manfred jug and decaying jazz bend volume
  • 1966: Jazz lyric poetry Prosa (together with Eberhard ash, Gerd E. Shepherd, Annekathrin citizen and other one)
  • 1969: Uncle Toms hut (hearing book, jug sings two of mirror-image ritual)
  • 1971: Thatonly one moment was
  • 1973: A breath of spring
  • 1974: Greens
  • 1976: You are today new like
  • 1977: Knocked off
  • 1979: There you are
  • 1997: Anthologie
  • 2000: Scene - the Songs (together with Charles Brauer)
  • 2000: German hits
  • 2000: Sleep disturbance
  • 2002: Life to men(Hearing book; by Thomas Brussig)
  • 2004: “Weihnachtskrug”
  • Fredmanns Episteln to those and those however mainly at Ulla Winblad (after Carl Michael Bellman)


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