Manfred Lahn stone

Manfred Lahn stone (* 20. December 1937 in Erkrath, Rhine country) is a German politician (SPD).

It was 1982 Federal Minister of finances and Federal Ministers for economics.

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training and occupation

after the Abitur 1957 completed Lahn stone a study of the restaurant and social sciences, which it 1961 as diploma - political economist terminated.

From 1962 to 1964 it began its career as an adviser for employee formation with DGB - National district North Rhine-Westphalia.

it changed 1965 to Belgium as German representatives at the European trade union secretariat as a secretary at the European trade union federation in Brussels. From 1967 to 1973 he was a cabinet boss at the EEC - commission actively.

1973 took place the return to Germany as a department manager Wirtschaft inBonn and Ministerialdirektor in the Office of the Federal Chancellor. 1974 to 1977 the line of the department of matters of principle in the Federal Ministry of finances. 1980 he takes over the line of the Office of the Federal Chancellor. 1982 he takes over the line of the Federal Ministry of finances.

From 1983 to 1994 Lahn stone was member of theExecutive committee and from 1994 to 1998 member of the supervisory board of the Bertelsmann AG in Gütersloh.

Since 1986 it has a training order as a professor for culture - and medium management at the university for music and theatre Hamburg.

Since 1994 it leads the management consultation Lahn stone &Partner, internationally Consultants.

Since 1996 it is Governor of the University of Haifa in Israel and since 2001 Chairman OF the board OF Governors.

Vita DIG Frankfurt

a party

since 1959 it is member of the SPD.


Lahn stone was ofBeginning of the 10. Electoral period up to its mandate resignation to 31. August 1983 briefly member of the German federal daily. It drew North Rhine-Westphalia over the national list into the Bundestag.

public offices

Lahn stone became in May 1977 the undersecretary of state in the Federal Ministry of finances andafter the election to the Bundestag 1980 at the 1. December 1980 appointed the boss of the Office of the Federal Chancellor.

To 28. April 1982 he was then appointed in the context of a cabinet reorganization the Federal Minister of finances in the Federal Government led by Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. After the break of the social liberals coalition it ledadditionally starting from that 17. September 1982 the Federal Ministry for economics. After the choice from Helmut Kohl to the Federal Chancellor Lahn stone separated to 4. October 1982 from the Federal Government.

social activities

since 1967 member of the GermanIsraeli society. There he took over beginningthe 90's the office of the treasurer.1994 he became their president. To DIG Frankfurt

since 1996 of chairmen of the Kuratoriums of the time donation curator of the time donation

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