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Manfred Rommel to 4.9.2004 in Stuttgart

Manfred Rommel (* 24. December 1928 in Stuttgart) was from 1974 to 1996 mayors of Stuttgart; it is considered as one of the most popular local politicians of the CDU.

Rommel became 1928 in Stuttgart as a son of the well-knownlater general field marshal Erwin Rommel and its Mrs. Lucie born. It made its Abitur 1947 in beaver oh to the tear and studied afterwards in Tübingen on the right of and political sciences. it received its first employment in the Landesverwaltung to 1956, became there 1959 government advice and then personal adviserthe Minister of the Interior at that time Hans Filbinger. 1971 it changed as Ministerialdirektor into the Treasury and became there late undersecretary of state.

1974 were selected Rommel as a successor of Arnulf Klett to the mayor of the city Stuttgart. It received 58.9% of the voices in the second ballot and defeated therebythe SPD competitor Peter Conradi. Its re-election secured itself it 1982 with 69,8% and 1990 with 71,7% in in each case first the ballot. 1996 became his former personal adviser Dr. Wolfgang shoemaker (CDU) in 2. Ballot to its successor selected.

The CDU - Politician is since 1996 honour citizensof Stuttgart. Also in the retirement he is still a popular speaker and an in demand author.

Supraregional became it admits as a president of the German city daily.

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  • president of the baron of stone company
  • medal againstanimal Ernst (1982)
  • medal of the large officer in the medal of Oranien Nassau (1982)
  • honour senator of the professional school for technology Stuttgart (1982)
  • honour doctor of the University OF Missouri sp. Louis (1983),
the Maryland University and
the University OF Wales

works (in selection)

in addition collections of its sayings, poems and jokes, given change of franc Ulrich Planitz.


  • Manfred Rommel - pictures of one era. By refuge herd and Thomas's borrowing man, DRW publishing house, 2000 1. Edition, 110 sides with 150 s/w photos, ISBN 3871814563
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