Manfred high-speed villages

Olympische Ringe
ice art running
gold 1964 Mr.

Manfred high-speed villages (* 2. May 1943 in Munich, Bavaria, Germany) is a German ice art runner and olympia winner, which temporarily tried also as hit singer and a Filmschauspieler.

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sport and occupation

already with 8 years won Manfed of high-speed villages its first championship. It became from its parents, who were both well-known ice run coaches, cared for and trained. It started for the Munich ERC and thus for the Federal Republic of Germany.

With its only German junior championships it was defeated still by Hans Jürgen Bäumler. Lasts Manfred high-speed villages only one year later with the German championships of the seniors won. Here Hans Jürgen Bäumler became only fourth. Later it studied beside 8 terms architecture, but the ice running did not let it come to the conclusion.

The high point of its career was the profit the gold medal in the ice art run of the gentlemen with the olympic plays 1964 in Innsbruck. The olympia victory Manfred Schnelldorfers was surprising. Actual favorite was Alain Calmat from France, which was from 1962 to 1964 European champions and also vice-world champions 1963.

Altogether Manfred high-speed villages became 8 times German master, 3 time European championship third and 2 times vice-European champion and after his olympia victory 1964 also world champion. Afterwards it arose four years long in well-known ice revues.

Also as hit singers and actors he tried, before he became coach and a specialized haven teacher. From 1974 to 1981 he was a first ice run coach of the national team. Manfred high-speed villages lives in Munich and possesses several sports shops.

hit of Manfred high-speed villages

  • if you times alone is (5. September 1964 place 4 in the German hit parade)
  • sad its does not bring anything ( 20. February 1965 place 31 your blue eyes Mizzie [
  • work on] of films with
  • Manfred
high-speed villages Spukschloss, beautiful

in the German hit parade

  • ), in the salt chamber property (1966)
  • come also to the blue Adria (1966)
  • I kauf' me rather an animal oiler hat (1965)
  • of thousand clocks over courage (1965)
  • Holiday into pc. Tropez (1964)


olympic plays

world championships

  • 1955 - not participated
  • 1956 - given up
  • 1957 - 11. Rank
  • 1958 - 15. Rank
  • 1959 - not participated
  • 1960 - 7. Rank
  • 1961 - World championships failed because of aircraft crash of the USA crew
  • 1962 - 5. Rank
  • 1963 - 3. Rank
  • 1964 - 1. Rank

European championships

German championships

German junior championships

  • 1954 - 2. Ice art run


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