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Manfred pencil sharpener (* 27. May 1958 in Darmstadt) is a German psychiatrist. Since 1997 is it medical director of the psychiatric university clinic in Ulm, when to which it also the total line of the 2004 there opened transfer center for neuro sciences and learning holds.
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Manfred pencil sharpener 2003

Professor. Pointedly medicine , philosophy and psychology studied and found in its enthusiasm for music still time for up-passing on than one-man orchestras. After the diploma in psychology and graduations in the two other subjects at the Albert Ludwig university Freiburg he habilitierte himself here 1989 also for the subject psychiatry. From 1990 to 1997 it was active at the psychiatric university clinic in Heidelberg. It was several times to lehr and research purposes in the USA . 1997 it was appointed to the again created chair for psychiatry of the University of Ulm and short time to it into the editorship „of the magazine for interdisciplinary advanced training nerve medicine “ of the Schattauer of publishing house in Stuttgart, which publishes its regular contributions there in two own columns also in book form. It is publisher adviser of the scientific magazine NeuroPsychoEconomics.

He is an author of numerous technical and popular-scientific books, with which he generally admits current results from the brain research of homogeneous activities beside a row for some years to make tried. In the conviction that „the brain research makes a new entrance possible to learning, investigated with scientific methods , “, it initiated the establishment of the center mentioned in Ulm „for the rapid transfer of the results “ of the brain research into the Pädagogik as contribution for „world-wide the integration of brain and education research, standing at the beginning, “ with the goal, „with an interdisciplinary team, consisting of psychologists, the medical profession, paedagogues, sociologists, scientists and computer scientists… these realizations into the practice around [too] set, in order to reach internationally a point place. “

However in relation to this szientistischen optimism including its reproach hidden therein in the education research doubts were emphasized to the lack of scientific accuracy of different one procedure because of the small purchase of this neuroeducational beginning to the learn-psychological , educational and the past education research (E. Star).

Its transmission spirit and brain, which can be called up also as liveStream, is popular.


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