base data
capital: Kindu
surface: 132,250 km ²
inhabitants: 1.246.787 (1998)
population density: 9.4 Einw. /km ² (1998)
ISO 3166-2: CD-MN
province Maniema (No. 11)

Maniema is a province of the democratic Republic of the Congo with the capital Kindu.

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the province lies in the east of the country and borders in the north on the province Tshopo, in the southwest on the province Lomami, in the southeast on the province Tanganyika, in the west on the province Sankuru and in the east on the provinces north and south Kivu.

Maniema is divided in 7 territories (Kibombo, Kasongo, Pangi, Punia, Lubutu, Wamaza and Kaïlo) with central places of the same name as well as the province capital Kindu. Kindu has 221,000 inhabitants (2003). The city is terminator point of a line, which connects the east of the democratic Republic of the Congo with the Eisenbahnnetz to southern Africa.

The river Lualaba, the main source river the Congo, flows from south to north by Maniema and crosses also Kindu.


in Maniema is spoken Swahili, the Bantu language eastern Africa. The Lualaba is here (indistinct) a language border; further west, in particular in the Kasai provinces, humans Tshiluba ( Luba Kasai) speak.


the province Maniema developed 1988 during the allocation of the former province Kivu. 1962 were already created a province Maniema, which existed until 1966.


the southern and eastern parts of the democratic Republic of the Congo are rich at Bodenschätzen. In Maniema there is tungsten -, tantalum - (in the form of “Coltan “), tin - and Goldvorkommen.

war in the east of the democratic Republic of the Congo

Begehrlichkeiten concerning the Bodenschätze and the weakness of the centre government in the Kinshasa removed far to military conflicts led, which rage since 1998 in the east of the democratic Republic of the Congo. The armies of Rwanda and Uganda are involved as well as some groups of rebels. A humanitarian disaster (murders, massive rapes, recruiting of child soldier, marodierendes deadwoods) led to the collapse of any infrastructure. A health care is no longer present neither materially nor personnel, right-national institutions gives it. Three million humans in the Congo lost its life, of it 90% in the east of the country.

Since in the year 2003 in Kinshasa under international pressure an interim government under the integration was formed by groups of rebels, something hope for more stable conditions germinates also in Maniema. While in the eastern neighbour provinces north and south Kivu are the martial violations of human rights still at the agenda, Maniema registers a strained peace, a situation between war and peace. (The article history of the democratic Republic of the Congo) administrative arrangement of the democratic


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