Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh with US State Departments Condoleezza Rice 2005

Manmohan Singh (मनमोहनसिंह) (* 26. September 1932 in Gah, Punjab) is a prime minister of India.

Singh buildup as a child of a farmer family in the Punjab of Pakistan, could however owing to scholarships in England in Cambridge and Oxford economics study. Singh was in the years 1982 to 1985 directors/conductors of the reserve bank OF India. Also it sat in the board of directors of the International Monetary Fund.

1991 he became a Minister of Finance in the government P. V. Narasimha Raos at a time, as the IndianEconomics weakened and the national indebtedness was very high. In its time as Ministers of Finance he attained the call of a successful Wirtschaftsreformers, which liberalisierte the nationally steered economy. This made it popular in particular also with the rural population.

In the year 2004 Singh became 14. Indian prime ministersince the independence from British colonial rule (1947) selected, after the leading candidate of the victorious congress party, had rejected Sonia Gandhi, the government office.

Singhs principal purpose are noticeable improvements for the two thirds of the Indian population, which live on the agriculture. Also he promisesthe support of public and private investments. Manmohan Singh belongs to the religious community of the Sikhs and is thereby the first Nichthindu, which was selected to the prime minister of the world-wide largest democracy.

Also a zaghafte approximation at Pakistan took place in the context of the Cricket diplomacy.

Singh is member in Club OF Rome.


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