in many crew kinds of sport possesses a player as a captain (partly also: “Play leaders”, “crew leaders” or English “Captain”) an outstanding position in the play and in the crew. This concerns formally primarily the possibility of speaking during the play with the arbitrator. Usually this captain is selected by the crew members or determined by the coach.

It represents the interests of the other players of its crew opposite the association, the coach and the arbitrator.

ice hockey

in the ice hockey exist to still two assistants, who may exercise in substitution the captain rights during the play beside the captain. The captain must have been noted exactly the same as its two assistants before the play in the play report elbow. The function of the captain and/or. the assistants may be exercised thereby only by field players, not however by the goal keeper. In the ice hockey the right does not possess to talk during the play interruptions with the arbitrator whereby it must already stand for such a discussion as players on the ice, thus specially than additional player about the replacing bank to come may excluding the captain and its assistants. To recognize the captain at the letter is “C” on the player leotard and/or. in the russischsprachigen area partly at the cyrillic “K”. The assistants carry a “A” on the leotard.


in the football is a captain - the official designation is according to the German rules “play leader” - to upper arm-binds to recognize. Before the beginning of play he welcomes the arbitrator bottom plate (with unterklassigen plays only the arbitrator, because the arbitrator assistants are missing) as well as the opposing play leader and participates in the page selection . The play leader may speak during the play with the arbitrator, if it requires the situation. If it is replaced during the play, then another player must be appointed the captain; the replacing gives upper arm-continues to bind to the new play leader.


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