Coat (journalism)

the coat of a newspaper („coat sides “) is usually the supraregional part of a regional - or local newspaper, it supply leaves itself produced and not. Straight small local newspapers are frequently financial and personnel not able to produce a full newspaper in such a way specified. Since the emphasis of these sheets is on their local section, they refer the supraregional part of another, usually larger and appearing supraregional newspaper or operate together with other newspapers a common coat editorship.

Likewise it is usual that different smaller sheets from the same publishing house house with the same coat sides appear. By practice to buy such coat sides it occurs that even competitive local newspapers are contentwise identical to a majority. A property part of the coat consists usually of messages of the large press agencies. The purchase of a coat accompanies pretty often with an indicator co-operation between local newspaper and a supraregional newspaper and is also a means to increase the range and market power.


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