Mark of Allégret

Marks of Allégret (* 22. December 1900 in Basel; † 4. November 1973 in Paris) was a French director.

After it had locked its law studies, he became a secretary with André Gide. While it accompanied Gidé on an expedition to Africa, its first film, Voyage outer Congo developed (1926). Subsequently, he worked as a Regieassistent for Augusto Genina and Robert Florey. it began 1931 to turn also own films.

Allégret is considered as the discoverers of Brigitte bar DOT.


  • Fanny, 1932
  • L'Arlésienne, 1942
  • Blanche Fury, 1947
  • L'Amant de Lady Chatterley, 1955
  • Le Bal you Comte d'Orgel, 1969

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