Mark of Almond

Marks of Almond (* 9. July 1957 in Southport, Lancashire) is a British singer and Songwriter.

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as well as David ball it created Cell, the first successful electrical duo of Great Britain in September 1980 the group of music softly. To its large successes belongs and. A. Tainted Love (1981). The first single Memorabilia 1981 is considered to single as the first Techno - at all.

Together with Dave's ball and its Mrs. Gini ball participated Almond 1982 also in the first LP the British industrial aluminum cult volume Psychic TV .

The project followed Mark and The Mambas, with which it produced two albums in the years 1982 to 1984. With this project it applies again as the outriders of a music form, with some whole orchestra also into the Popmusik flows (both in the Studio, and with concerts).

Its solo career began Marks of Almond 1984. Admits are and. A. its Duette with Kelli Ali, Nico, Siouxsie Sioux, P. J. Proby, Nina Hagen, Jimmy Somerville and rose pride. He co-operated also with other volume from the surrounding field of the Londoner at that time scene, like Foetus and Coil.

Almond with that celebrated its largest success as solo artists number 1 hit Somethings's Gotten Hold OF My Heart, its version of a Songs of genes Pitney, which 1967 thereby could book a Top 5 hit and which participated in this Song also as Duettpartner.

Boyd Rice introduced Almond to the Church OF Satan , in which Almond is today member.

To 17. October 2004 was lethal hurt Almond as a front seat passenger in a motorcycle accident in London. After this accident it was appropriate for eleven on the intensive care unit, after several operations recovered days long it however again from the injuries.

It calls itself as homosexual, would however not like to be called not homosexual artist, since this can be understood in its opinion in such a way that its work is interesting for homosexual ones only.


  • mine in Ermine, 1984
  • Stories OF Johnny, 1985
  • Violent Silence, 1986
  • MON ago Fist and ago Five Daughters, 1987
  • Singles 1984 - 1987, 1987
  • The of star incoming goods of acres, 1988
  • The of star incoming goods of acres, 1989 (new edition)
  • Jacques, 1989
  • mine in Ermine, 1990 (new edition)
  • Enchanted, 1990
  • Tenement Symphony, 1991
  • mine in Ermine, 1992 (new edition)
  • A Virgin's Tale - volume 1, 1992
  • A Virgin's Tale - volume 2, 1992
  • Twelve Years OF Tears, 1993
  • Absinthe, 1993
  • Treasure box, 1995
  • Fantastic star, 1996
  • Violent Silence/Flesh Volcano, 1997
  • mine in Ermine, 1997 (new edition with CD-ROM To video)
  • Stories OF Johnny ago MON ago , 1997 (new edition with CD-ROM
  • video) Fist and Five Daughters, 1997 (new edition with CD-ROM video)
  • Mark of Almond and La Magia live one in Concert, 1998
  • open universe Night, 1999
  • Liverpool Philharmonic resound, 2000
  • Stranger Things, 2001
  • live RK The union Chapel, 2001
  • Little Rough Rhinestones volume 1, 2002
  • The Willing Sinner, 2003
  • Marks of Almond in session volume 1, 2003
  • Heart on Snow, 2003
  • Marks of Almond in session volume 2, 2003


  • The Days OF Pearly Spencer


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