Mark Chagall

Marc Chagall im Juli 1941
Mark Chagall in July 1941

Marks Chagall (* 7. July 1887 in Liosno with Wizebsk, white Russia; † 28. March 1985 in Saint Paul de Vence, France) was a poetic painter, that in its works always recurringSymbols uses. Mark Chagall buildup as Moishe Zakharovich Shagalov (Byelorussian МойшаЗахаравічШагалаў), shortened Moishe Segal. Chagall was coined/shaped strongly by his ärmlichen, Jewish parents' house in the spirit of the Chassidim. It was one of the most important painters of the Surrealismus.

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1906 fell Mark Chagall by the entrance examination for the pc. Peter citizen academy of arts. In the spring 1907 its training at the school took placethe imperial society for the promotion of the arts in pc. Petersburg, 1908-1910 it visited the mark school of Léon Bakst.

1909 became acquainted with Chagall its later wife, Bella rose field. In September 1910 it referred into of Paris temporarily a studio inthe Impasse you Maine (today rue Antoine Bourdelle), before it moved into the “Ruche”. At the Montparnasse it closed and others with Guillaume Apollinaire, Robert Delaunay and remote and Léger friendship. It called Paris its second Wizebsk.

1914 it had itsfirst single exhibition in the gallery “the storm” in Berlin. After an operating phase in Russia (pc. Petersburg, Wizebsk, Moskau) settled Chagall 1923 again to Paris. The publisher full pool of broadcasting corporations struck it book illustrations forwards (Gogols dead souls). 1925 took place on renewedSuggestion of full pool of broadcasting corporations illustrations for the fables of La Fontaine. 1930/31 suggested full pool of broadcasting corporations Chagall illustrations to the Bible. Different journeys followed: In the spring 1931 to Palestine, 1932 to Holland, 1934 to Spain, 1935 to Poland and 1937 to Italy. 1937 was shown several of its pictures of the national socialists on the exhibition “degenerate art “. 1939/40 were Chagall to the Loire and in the Province. Jew pursuit by the national socialists lähmten partiallyits work. In July 1941 Chagall on invitation museum of the OF decaying kind emigrierte into the USA. The death of his loved and again and again by it painted Mrs. Bella to 2. September 1944 fell Chagall into a deep life crisis. 1946 came it to a first return journey to Paris. Several exhibitions in Paris, Amsterdam and London.

Starting from 1950 Chagall established itself in Saint Paul de Vence (Nice). To 12. July 1952 he married Valentine (Vava) Brodsky, some very positiveInfluence on its further work strength had. Chagall visited 1952 and 1954 Greece. 1957 traveled Chagall to Israel, where among other things 1960/61 Glasfenster for the synagog of the Hadassah university clinic in Jerusalem and 1966 wall decorations for the new parliament of Jerusalem developed.1963/64 and 1968 were made the Glasfenster for north handling in the cathedral of Metz (France). 1964 traveled Chagall to New York, where Glasfenster in the house of the United Nations and in the church of Pocantico Hill developed. In the same yearthe cover paintings in that were inaugurated Paris opera.

In the subsequent years Chagall undertook several journeys to New York (wall decoration for the metropolitan opera and Lincoln the center). 1966 gave to the French state of 17 pictures of its Biblical message Chagall. ThoseFrench government decided thereupon the building of the Musée national Message Biblique Mark Chagall in Nice. The museum was opened 1973. In September 1970 the Glasfenster in the choir of the woman Mrs. church in Zurich were inaugurated. 1977/78 began Chagall in the parish church Pc. Stephan in Mainz by switching of the there minister Klaus Mayer with the Kirchenfenstern, which represent an indication of Jewish-Christian solidarity and people communication.

Chagall died to 28. March 1985 in Saint Paul de Vence.

symbols into thatWork

  • the cow stands with Chagall for the life absolutely (milk, meat, leather, horn, Kraft). A further life symbol is the tree.
  • The cock means fertility. Chagall mostly paints it in connection with Liebespaaren.
  • Usually the naked represented bosom symbolizesfor the expressed Verehrer of women both erotism and fertility and life.
  • The violonist made music in Chagall's homeland village Wizebsk at junctions of the life (birth, wedding, death).
  • The herring (often also represented as a flying fish) reminds of the activity ofChagall's father in the fish factory.
  • The pendulum clock goes back on the modest living room the Chagall and represents the time (in the time of pursuit to the Loire appears the pendulum as into the clock box rammed).
  • The Kerzenleuchter symbolizes that T/plate-asked (two candles), the Menora (siebenarmiger Leuchter) or the Chanukka - Leuchter and thus the life of pious Jews (Chassidim).
  • Windows stress the liberty love of Chagall, blue colours stand thereby for Transzendenz.
  • The houses of Wizebsk (among other things also into thatPictures that Paris time) symbolize the homeland feeling of the painter.
  • The circus scenes represent the harmony of humans and animal and unfold the creativity of humans.
  • The gekreuzigte Jesus represents the pursuit of the Jews in Europe as a Jew usually by that National socialism.


main windows about death and Auferstehung into the universe Saints Church girl on


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