Mark of Pircher

Marks of Pircher (* 22. April 1978) is a Austrian musician of the folk music.

Already as a child it played Handharmonik and visited a school of music. Later it completed the professional school. 1995 it accompanied the Zellberg Buam in the television broadcast Musikantenstadl with Karl Moik. In the meantime it had numerous appearances on the television and successfully participated in several competitions. It is ranked among the circle of potenzieller moderators of the Musikantenstadl starting from 2006.

prices and honours

1999 Mark of Pircher participated in the Austrian preliminary decision to the Grand Prix of the people music and reached with I is for you there the 1. Place. After a less successful participation with the Grand Prix of the people music 2002 it reached the 1 with the Grand Prix of the people music 2003 with the song Hey Diandl finally feels it as i. Place.


CDs (selection):

  • To the north pole and back, 2005
  • seven sins, 2004
  • I are as faithfully as my mountains, 2002
  • end of workday in the mountains, 2001
  • Christmas with… Marks of Pircher, 2001
  • in the Zillertal are i gebor'n, 2000

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