Mark of Terenzi

Mark Eric Terenzi [mɑːɹkˈɛɹɪk təˈɹɛnzɪ] (* 27. June 1978 in Newton, Massachusetts) is an US-American Pop singer of the Boygroup Natural. Since 2005 it appears as a solo artist.

Since that 29. February 2004 is civil married Terenzi with Sarah Connor. The two have a son named Tyler (* 2004). The church wedding took place 2005 and on Pro7 as conclusion of the Reality TV - series of Sarah & Marks in Love was radiated.

Terenzis grandmother already inspired Marks as three-year one for music and showed it some steps in their Tanzstudio. With seven years he learned piano plays, later handling guitar and saxophone. With twelve years Terenzi moderator of the bad toners TV-show Studio A.T.V became, it followed Bühnenshows in the entire USA. Finally it pulled after Orlando, Florida, where it for Disney - Studios danced. Apart from dancing Terenzi worked as model and took over small play roles. Terenzis of most successful Song was the Just One load thanks produced together with Sarah Connor and the volumes Natural. To 20. June 2005 came Terenzis first solo single on the market; the Popsong Heat Between The Sheets did not become a large success. Later Terenzis second single Love ton got a few weeks Loved By You on the market. The song had written Terenzi particularly for its wedding with Connor; the single Charts came up to place 3. The album Awesome created it up to place 8 the German Albumcharts, from which it uncoupled the third single Can't Breathe Without You in November. 2006 he was selected the man in Germany, most bad-dressed by the specialized jury of the man magazine “Best Fashion” to.

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