Marcel Fischer

Marcel Fischer (* 14. August 1978 in Biel/Bienne) is a successful Fechter from Switzerland. It is 190cm largely and 80 kg heavily. “Märsu” grew up in Brügg with Biel and lives now in Basel. He is medical student at the University of Basel and member of the fencing company Basel. He learned a fencing in the fencing club Biel, whose Fechtmeister at that time was Ryszard Marszałek. The Polish school Marszałeks was rather defensively put on, which reflects itself also today still in its fencing style. His current coach is German Rolf Kalich (national coach) and Manfred Beckmann (club coach). it received 2004 for its successes the Swiss Award in the category sport.


with the olympic summer games 2004 in Athens he became olympia winner in the sword fencing. Fischer became 2003 and 2004 in each case second the Weltcup Gesamtwertung and reached at the olympic summer games 2000 in Sydney the fourth place.

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