Marcia Haydée

Marcia Haydée (* 18. April 1939 in Niterói, Brazil as Salaverry Pereira Silva) is a Brazilian dancer there.

Marcia Haydée is one the large Ballerinen 20 Jh. It danced to Rudolf Nurejew and Mikhail Baryshnikov with famous partners , about. Their international career began with the debut in Rio de Janeiro in the year 1953. 1961 changed it to Stuttgart ballets under John the Cranko, where it became Primaballerina.

The break-through to the world fame succeeded their 1962 with “Romeo and Julia”. The Stuttgart Compagnie became one of the prominent ballet troops of the whole world. After death John Crankos was appointed the Brazilian 1976 the ballet directress. She worked also with other contemporary dancers and Choreographen - for instance with John new Meier and Maurice Béjart. To Stuttgart it promoted aimed the new generation, about William Forsythe - today one the most important Choreographen of the world. It showed also own Choreographien: 1987 “Dornrö and 1989 “Giselle “. Marcia Haydée took 1996 parting from Stuttgart ballets.


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