Marco Engelhardt

Marco Engelhardt (* 2. December 1980 in bath Langensalza) is a German football player.

In the youth Engelhardt for Prussia bath Langensalza played. it changed 1994 to the fiber plastic red white Erfurt, which it left 2001 toward Karlsruher sports club. Since 2004 it plays for the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern in the soccer federal league.

Marco Engelhardt experienced a steep ascent in its career in the year 2004. Hardly from the 2. League after Kaiserslautern into the federal league changed, developed the defensive midfield player to the guidance player and convinced itself with constantly good achievements and it meanwhile to the captain brought. Under Wolfgang wolf it is used more frequently also than left defender. Engelhardt created it 2004 after only 14 federal league plays for the national team to be nominated.

It denied its first international match to 16. December 2004 against Japan (3: 0-Sieg) in Yokohama. At present (21. June 2005) it completed three A-international matches.

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