Marcus allbake

Marcus allbake (* 5. In addition July 1973 in Göteborg , Sweden) is a Stürmer with the fiber plastic Copenhagen and plays in the Swedish national soccer team. It is married with his Mrs. Suzanne and has two children: Philippa (* 7. May 2002) and racing mash (* 8. March 2004).

Allbake became already as a child member in the association Örgryte IS as his father Stefan players was there. Its father is today manager with Örgryte IS. Allbake was professional with Lyngby fiber plastic and AS Bari before it to the master association zürckkehrte and to the service provider developed. 2000 it changed to the sports club Heerenveen and developed there to the national player. Its first international match came however as it still with Örgryte IS played into 2000.

Its break-through in the national team 2001 came as it against Moldavia into Chişinău two gates shot and three important points for Sweden secured. In the following it met play again as it two gates against the Slowakei shot - he became thereby master player. Together with Henrik Larsson he formed an attack at the WM 2002. After the WM could not it no more its master place in the attack defend than it less and less play time with Aston mansion got and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the new star developed at the same time. Allbake always still is part the national team and its team spirit makes it the perfect team player and “Joker”.


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