Marcus Antonius Creticus

Marcus Antonius Creticus (1. Century v. Chr.) a Roman politician was as a member of the family of the Antonier. He was son of Marcus Antonius Orator and had from his marriage with Julia Caesaris, the cousin Caesars, three sons, Gaius, Lucius and Marcus Antonius.

In the year 74 v. Chr. he was selected to the Praetor, and received in the year after the unusual order - similar that of the Pompeius some years later - the Mediterranean von Piraten to release. Not only that Creticus did not achieve the goal, it plünderte even the provinces, which it should protect before the robbers, and died after a defeat on Crete. Because of its inability it received the spöttischen victory surname Creticus (“winner over Crete”; also as a “man from chalk” interpreted). It was beyond that far away admits for its Geiz.


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