Marcus Jensen

Marcus Jensen
Marcus Jensen
Marcus Jensen (* 27. June 1967 in Hamburg) is a German writer.

Marcus Jensen buildup in Pinneberg with Hamburg. In the years 1986/87 it carried its basic military service out in Appen with Pinneberg. From 1987 to 1998 it studied Germanistik, philosophy, Pädagogik and politics at the University of Hamburg (M.A.). Since 1994 he is with its life companion Silke Andrea Schuemmer together. 1999 removal to Aachen, 1999 to 2000 he was coworker of the centers university advisory service of the University of Cologne. Since 2002 it lives in Berlin. Put in a word participant of the magazine at the oriel.


  • Prosa and essays: over 60 publications among other things in: ndl, at the oriel, Macondo, which hears, the magazine, in the WDR and NDR broadcast as well as in numerous Anthologien.
  • Talk Rain. Narration, 172 sides, Frankfurt publishing house August 1999
  • upper country. Novel, 506 sides, Frankfurt publishing house March 2004.


  • 1994 third price in the Bettina of Arnim competition BRIGITTE
  • 1994 Hamburg literature promotion price
  • 1996 price 4. Open Mike of the literature workshop Berlin
  • 1998 residence scholarship in the LCB (literary Colloquium Berlin)
  • 1999 residence scholarship in the house of artists Lukas in Ahrenshoop
  • 2000 scholarship of the German literature fund
  • 2001 residence scholarship in the artist village Schöppingen
  • 2002 work scholarship of the country North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 2003 14. Würth price of the Tübinger Poetik Dozentur
  • 2003 culture promotion price of the circle Pinneberg

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