Margaret Tudor

Margaret Tudor (* 28. November 1489 in London, † 18. October 1541 in Perthshire) was an English noble one.

It became as a second child of Heinrich VII. by England and Elizabeth von York in the Westminster palace born.

It was received three marriages, all with members of the house Stuart.

Their first married man was Jakob IV. of Scotland. When it was killed 1513, their son mounted as Jakob V. the throne. She took over the regency for the child for one year, lost these however again, when she married archie soon Douglas, Earl OF Angus, which took over control of the king. Margret fled 1517 to England and returned only again.

With Angus it had the daughter Margaret Douglas, which became the nut/mother of Henry Stewart, lord Darnley, the married man of Maria Stuart and Vater of their son became. It became alienated however soon from Angus and became 1527 divorced.

1527 married it Henry Steward, the later lord Methven. When their royal son 1528 of the guardianship of Angus escaped, it selected nut/mother and the new stepfather as its an advisor. The relationship between nut/mother and son zerstritten themselves however, when it came behind the fact that Margaret a meeting between it and its brother, Heinrich VIII. to organize wanted. Afterwards it became likewise divorced from Methven.

She was buried in Perth.


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