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Margarete Bieber (* 1879 in Schönau/west Prussia; † 25. February 1978 in new Canaan/USA) was the first Professorin of the classical archaeology in Germany.

Bieber was born as a daughter rich Mühlenbesitzer. Therefore it was financially possible for it to make at the human private High School of Helene long in Berlin Abitur. It studied starting from 1902 in Berlin, starting from 1904 in Bonn with Professor. George Loeschke (1851-1915), with which it also attained a doctorate. Since women were officially not yet certified to the study at that time, she had to take the whole time with the status of a guest listener before dear. As a second classical archaeologist it received a travel scholarship of the German archaeological institute (DAI) to 1909/10, until 1914 taught and researched it in Rome. When the First World War broke out, it had to return to Germany and worked there as a red cross aid. Then she took over the agency of its doctor father Loeschke gotten sick at the citizens of Berlin university. Their Forschungsgebiet became antique clothes.

After several unsuccessful approaches it became finally 1919 the Habilitation certified, still before the official regulation of 1920. Them became 1923 the first Privatdozentin of the Giessener university. Starting from 1928 it led the Giessener Institut for antiquity sciences. 1931 became it as a first woman in Germany extraordinary Professorin. Everything looked like the fact that it would receive the regular chair in the spring 1933. Since it applied with the Nazis as a Jewess, it became in July 1933 however to dismiss.

Friends convinced it to leave 1934 Germany direction the USA. The “American Association OF University Women “recommended it to the Columbia University, where she informed from 1937 to 1948 as Gastprofessorin in the department OF kind History and Archaeology. 1939 received it the American nationality.

Also after their retirement it continued to inform, it became even the first Professorin to the Princeton University (1949/50). It published further articles to the Antikenrezeption, to sculptures in American museums and to its favourite topic, the antique garb. After 1945 it had legally their in pouring gained requirements for pension to fight for. She was nevertheless appointed then 1957 the first and only Ehrensenatorin there. It remained scientifically active in the age and lived with its adoptive daughter Inge-borrows Sachs. At the high age of 99 years it died in new Canaan in the State of Connecticut /USA.

books (selection)

  • the Dresdener play relief. A contribution for the history tragic costume and the Greek art. Thesis, University of Berlin 1907
  • the monuments to the theatre nature in the antiquity. Having IL - Writing, University of pouring 1919
  • Greek clothes. 1928
  • history of the development of the Greek Tracht. 1967

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