Margarete hunter

Dipl. oec., Dr. phil.Margarete hunter (short form: Margret hunter) (*15. March 1951) is Sprachwissenschaftlerin and deputy chief of the Duisburger of institute for speaking and social research (DISS).

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scientific biography

after the study of the economics (diploma) 1972 - 1977 and a secondary study of the Germanistik 1985 - 1990, in each case in Duisburg, attained a doctorate it 1995 at the specialist area literature and linguistics of the Carl of Ossietzky university in Oldenburg.

Their work ice ranges at the DISS are at studies to politics, medium and everyday life discourses in the FRG with the emphasis Gender, racingism, migration and right-wing extremism.

Margarete hunter works closely with its married man the Germanistikprofessor Dr. Siegfried hunter together. Together they developed the investigation methodology of the “critical discourse analysis “ at the DISS, which is also designated after its beginning “Duisburger school”. It is an advancement of the discourse theories after Michel Foucault and the theories Jürgen left.

political biography

as well as Manfred copilot spades, Karl-Heinz Hansen, Brigitte Kiechle, Herwart figure eight mountain, Harald wolf, Marie Veit and other belonged it that 1. Federal Administration (28. November 1982 to 14. January 1984) of the 1982 a created party democratic socialists on. In addition Margret hunter was Mitherausgeberin of the magazine district, which appeared temporary in the Duisburger Margret hunter district publishing house, which it led from 1977 to 1985. Since 1990 this political connection does not exist any longer.


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